Forest Meditation / Birchnut Forest / Guided Meditation
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Renew Your Soul

At Birchnut Forest, enjoy a cool and calming sanctuary. Allow yourself to get lost in the tall, calming trees. Peek through the treetops to see billowy clouds scattered throughout the sky. Breathe in the crisp air and smell the warm earth beneath your feet while the cool rain falls softly on your skin. Close your eyes. Enjoy this moment as you refresh your spirit and renew your soul.

Embrace The Rainfall

When the rain falls, it symbolizes a dramatic, positive change. Focus on the soothing chants as the drops fall around you through the ancient tree branches.

Therapeutic Forest Meditation

Admire how the lightning shines down on the tall trees. The thunder shakes the land, but your body stays still.

A Peaceful Night

Allow your mind to release the stress from your busy day. Be present. Before you know it, the sun will rise once again, and you will be at peace.

Free From Harm

At Birchnut Forest, nothing can harm you. Be still in the woods and clear your mind. Take a deep breath and release anxiety.


Choose Your Meditation

In the future Guided Meditation will allow you to choose from a varied set of meditations, meditation types, or even custom music, so that your experience is truly yours. Vote for your favorites here.

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