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Session 3/10


Find a comfortable seat. If you’re on a cushion support yourself, their hips are above knee height. Or use props to support your knees so your legs can fully relax. If you’re on a chair, place your feet on the ground. With a deep, full inhale breath, extend the crown of your head towards the sky.

With a slow exhale, breath, release your shoulders from your ears and allow the heads of the shoulders to settle slightly behind her chest. With your collarbone wide feel expansive across your heart space.

Take a few more breaths suddenly feeling the same left with every breath in the same release of the shoulders with each breath out. Now if we’re not already, let’s take the breathing in and out through the nose and allow the breath to settle and do a more gentle, still long, still full pace. Your lips will naturally part or stay close. Your tongue can rest gently on the back of your front teeth.

Keep your gaze low and soft or close your eyes. Spend a few moments feeling into posture. Notice how the breath supports the body and its shape. Continue to allow each inhale breath to support a tall neutrally stacked spine. Every inhale brings in a feeling of expansion. Continue to allow for softening of the body with each breath out. Every exhale invites in a feeling of ease.

We hold the minds attention gently on the breath. allow for the feeling of movement. Notice how the body floats upwards and downwards with each breath. Stay for a few breaths with this easy attention to continuous movement.

As we zero in on sensation of breath moving in and out of your nose. Zero in with a spaciousness, pretension to the very tip of the known. still aware of the general movement of breath. The overall rise and fall of the chest or any other way in which you you feel the breath the most.

Of course, the mind will wander. Each time we notice. Simply turn the mind around. Back to the anchor of breath. Back to the bra. Add nothing to the process just turn around. attention on breath. The mind wants the job to do the mind needs a job. In this session we’ve given In the mind, the job of breath awareness.

And each time we forget, over and over, remember our job. Come back to the breath. Stay with whatever it is we notice right now about breath. And just as there’s an ebb and flow to our breathing and movement, there is movement to the activity of the mind. Let it be with a sense of ease of openness of spaciousness. Guide the mind back to the breath as many times as you need to.

This is the practice. This is the practice of attention to breath. Each time we come back. Each time we remember we create a habit of staying with birth. The goal is not perfect staying. The goal is in the continued turning around the continued remembrance of breath.

We use whatever it is that we notice about breath right now. Do gently loosely anchor the mind. To stay is nice, but to remember to come back to notice when we have forgotten that is where the real practice is.

Returning to breath, we end on a good end with the breath. counting out three long patient cycles of breath. And then eyes open if they’re close for you move. Before you leave your seat. Soak in the feeling of pride soak in the bliss of peace. You found the time to practice you stay that’s all the meditation is the practice of staying returning to breath.

Zero in with a spaciousness, pretension to the very tip of the known.

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