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Session 10/10


Welcome to this meditation, I invite you to take a comfortable seated position. And start with three deep breaths. inhale through your nose, an exhale through your mouth. When you inhale your belly and your chest expands, and you exhale with a long breath out. Here, let go. Inhale. And exhale, we have two different options in life. One is that we react, on things and on situations. And the other option is that we can act and can create our life. And we so often are used to react, react to the news, react to social media, react to any different kinds of messages, messages from the outside. And why we are so busy reacting. We don’t hear our own voice from within anymore. We forget to act on this inner voice that is coming from within.

Then we might feel blocked, feel drained, feel exhausted, feel that we don’t really know where to go. The good reminder is that it’s never too late to reclaim our inner creator.

I invite you know, to ask yourself internally, where do I feel? my creativity? And that might be a question you feel confusing. Or he tried to answer it with your mind. And that’s okay. Yet, just ask yourself and see what your body is reacting on?

What is the reaction of your body? When you ask yourself that question? Where is my creativity? Where is my creativity? Is there a warmth? within your body? Is there a contraction? anger, sadness, irritation? What is happening? When you ask yourself that question just allow yourself and allow your body to react on that question.

And when we ask ourselves, when we ask our inner creator, these questions, we tend to forget that it’s another kind of reaction or reaction. We’ve forgotten odd fields for a long, long time. So we rather just allow everything to be there. Even if it’s a warm and comfortable feeling, or if it’s very unpleasant, and a contraction. And if you don’t feel anything, turn your focus towards your belly center. And just see what is happening in your belly. Right now.

Our belly is our creative center. I invite you now to come with your attention to your lower belly. can support that by placing your hand on your lower belly. And just breathe in to your lower belly. and expand your belly with the inhale. Let go with the exhale.

Just feel your belly. I invite you now to see a yellow color. yellow light, yellow, orange light. This warm light is right in front of you. And as if you could reach out with your hand to that light.

You know, imagine to take this light and place it right into your belly. And this is your inner creation. From there mentioned that this light is with every inhale, expanding and it’s shining with in your belly. Like a sun in your belly. And you expand with the inhale, I let go with the exhale so that you can expand this light even further. As if you could turn up the volume of this bright light of this sun, this warmth even further. Turn this volume up as much as you need to right now. The last yourself. Ask that light. What do I want to create today? What do I want to create today. And just again, let your body speak for itself. We are creating with everything that is coming through us. We create when we cook when we write something we create with our voice when we speak with every word we are creating. So what do you want to create today? What words do you want to say? What meal Do you want to cook? What letter Do you want to write? Whatever you might got as an answer. Take this answer with you into this day and returned to this inner light. If you need more creativity. During the day I invite you now to start feeling your whole body again. Start moving your fingers, your toes Come back to this moment in this room where you are right now. Welcome back.

And when we ask ourselves, when we ask our inner creator, these questions, we tend to forget that it's another kind of reaction or reaction.

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