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Session 5/10


Welcome to your meditation. Take a seated position. Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Once you’ve found your position, I invite you to reconnect to your breath by simply start to notice how do you breathe, how you inhale and exhale without the need to change anything. In this moment, there’s nothing to change. simply allow yourself to watch your breath. And if there are thoughts coming, you just let them pass. And I invite you now to take three deep breaths through your nose, into your belly.

And when you exhale, you let fully go. So take a deep breath in. And let go. Inhale and whatever sound wants to be released, let it go with the exhale.

One more inhale into your belly. And let’s fully go and write your note to open yourself for a little adventure. Her little journey to your world, your safe space, your space where there’s absolutely nothing to do. Let’s go on a journey together. Start to imagine that underneath your feet, roots are growing. These roots are going deeper and deeper into the earth underneath you. And they are so curious about how deep they can go. So you just follow them with excitement and curiosity. Like an earthworm that is building its pop through the soil and you’re going deeper and deeper. Your body relaxes more and more. And now, you’re so deep in this earth that you start to see a light and this light is coming from the core of this planet.

And it’s shining at you. So inviting. You get curious what is that light? What is their deeply hidden in the core of this planet. So you slowly approach that light and it’s sending a warmth out to you. And the closer you get to that light, the more clear, you can see that a beautiful landscape is appearing in front of you. And this landscape that is now unfolding in front of your eyes is so beautiful, so peaceful. And so magical at the same time. Maybe you hear birds, or any other animals just look around you. and explore this landscape that is some folding in front of your eyes. Look at that landscape through eyes that have never seen that place before.

And this place is your in between world. This place is your home. This place is where you can refill where you can nourish yourself where you can always come back to. And just allow yourself to inhale this beautiful energy of that place. And soak it in with every cell of your body. Fill every cell of your body with the energy of that place of your home of your peaceful in between worlds. And as you inhale and fill yourself up, you notice that it’s time to slowly leave that place again. With the deep knowing inside of you, that you always, always have the possibility to come back to that place to fill yourself up with new liveliness. So you make yourself on your way back up through your roots into your physical body again. And you start to fill now your physical body with that new energy that you have soaked in, in your in between world. And with every deep inhale that you now take, you start to sense your body more and more. You start to feel how you want to move your body no And when you are ready welcome yourself back welcome back.

Fill every cell of your body with the energy of that place of your home of your peaceful in between worlds.

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