The PrincipalShip · Guided Meditation VR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR
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The PrincipalShip

The PrincipalShip

We were incredibly thrilled to see the experience of Todd Murfitt – principal at St. Columba’s Memorial School in Yorketown, South Australia – about how Guided Meditation VR assisted one of his students on a particularly rough day at school. We encourage you to read Todd’s account here.

With some gentle pushing and prodding I was able to coax this young man (with the help of a virtual reality headset – the Oculus Rift) into strapping in and being teleported to an alternate world of his choosing.

And the reaction…

Within moments, awe inspired gasps echoed, and my directions were interrupted by a soothing voice beginning a guided meditation with Tony.  In Tony’s world I ceased to exist as did the school and seemingly all of his troubles. He was alone in a Japanese garden openly conversing with the soothing rhetorical voice of the program.

On my return, Tony was a new person. Calm. Reflective. Most importantly ready to engage with his learning.

Tony also shared his experience in an amazingly touching post.

I found that this helped me lots when I was stressed because I would always think about the Japanese garden (which is AMAZING) that I had seen. That vision really helped me clear my mind ready for school and it helped me stay relaxed, calm and more comfortable while at school.

You rock, Tony (and what an awesome principal you have)!