Video interview with VRFocus · Guided Meditation VR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR
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Video interview with VRFocus

Video interview with VRFocus

VRFocus caught up with our own Josh Farkas at a recent event to chat about Guided Meditation VR and how it can assist in daily life.

Per author Jamie Feltham:

In the interview below, Farkas explains Cubicle Ninjas’ goals with Guided Meditation, which will allow players to relax in a wide range of peaceful environments. He also describes the developer’s other major project, Ramble Venice, which breaks new ground in the VR tourism sector by offering a sort of all-in-one package of a trip around the iconic city. Just how effective does Farkas think VR relaxation can be? And what gives Cubicle Ninjas’ products the edge over its competitors?

Watch the entire interview below: