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Session 9/10


Anxiety 8

Hello again and thank you for joining me.

You are now an expert in entering a state of deep relaxation and over the next few sessions we will enter even deeper levels of that beautiful calm and peace.

So I want you to find that comfortable position , scan your body for any tension , and let that go gently , through taking a few deep relaxing breaths.

Breathing in with your stomach , filling it like a balloon , and then exhaling completely , and releasing all of the used air , bringing beautiful fresh oxygen to the whole body , filling our being with that vital life force , bringing peace and relaxation to the mind.

So breathe in on a count of 4…1…2…3…4 then exhale on a count of 5…1…2…3…4…5

Just keep breathing like that for a few moments…


I want you to go deeper now , and my voice will guide you , go with you as you descend into deep relaxation , I am going to count from 10 down to 0 , and when I have counted from 10 down to 0 , you will be as deeply relaxed as you can ever imagine , while still being able to hear the sound of my voice.

10…go deeper now, relaxing and letting go.


8…really relaxing now…just let go




4…calmer and calmer



1…and all the way down to



There is a saying , ‘a butterfly flapping its wings in China can alter the weather system in the United States’.

A small change can lead to big differences.

A small step can set into motion a chain of events.

Maybe an anxious young woman decides to go for a walk one day , and then she starts going for walks a few times a week , then she decides to try a little running , and she notices that she feels a little calmer , is better at focusing and her sleep has improved.

The butterfly flapping its wings, that little step to decide to go for a walk may have had a knock-on effect and she started feeling better and better , restoring friendships and laughing again , taking control of her life again.

Don’t disregard the small wins , because they might pave the way for the big ones.


Starting today you realize more and more that your happiness and unhappiness is due to your own thinking , the way you think about situations, people and events.

You are able to shift your thoughts , shift your thoughts to the positive aspects , and with this new attitude towards yourself, other people and life , you enjoy every day , you realize you are taking control of your thoughts, your feelings and this gives you so much satisfaction.

You know that life is not always the way you want it to be , but you know that you can change the way you view things , the way you feel about things , without frustration , without anger , without anxiety.

Everything you do , you will do with a calm and peaceful mind.

You know that everybody faces problems in their life , but you face problems with determination and strength , because you know that you can work to improve them , and when you cannot change things , you will accept them – calmly , you know that anger and frustration don’t help you.

You are less and less worried about the future , as you relax more and more , you let things go and enjoy every day , as worry drops out of your life.


Now returning to our breath , inhaling deeply and exhaling completely.

Take a moment to scan your body and then bring your awareness to the very tips of your toes , as you move up through your feet, ankles and calves , bringing relaxation and releasing any tension – just let them rest comfortably.

As you move your attention up all the way through your knees and thighs , any tension you might be holding – let it go.

You become aware of your hips and pelvic area , your glutes , take a deep inhalation and gentle move the clean refreshing air to your hips as you inhale , and then exhale deeply and completely and allow all the tension to flow away.

Now your back – lower, middle and upper back , allowing the muscles along your spine to relax and let go.

As you bring your awareness to your stomach , and become aware of how it rises and falls with every deep slow breath you take , and notice how you are breathing more slowly as you start to relax more and more.

Your chest and collarbones are moving with the rhythm of your breath and all tension drains away.

Moving your awareness to your neck and shoulder muscles , releasing any tension as you think on down through your arms…elbows…and all the way down to the very tips of your fingers and tips of your thumbs.

And now bring your awareness to the top of your head , and think of all those little muscles of the scalp , and just allow them to let go and relax.

All the muscles of the face , the forehead…eyelids…the space between your eyebrows…the cheeks, mouth and jaw muscles , just allow all the muscles of your face to go slack and smooth out.

Unclenching your teeth and relaxing your tongue.

All the muscles of your body are now so beautifully relaxed , so relaxed and easy.

Allowing this pleasant and comfortable experience of heaviness in the whole body to continue as you breathe comfortably.

Breathing in on a count of 4 , and breathing out on a count of 5.

Just enjoy your breath for a few moments as I leave you to just drift and dream.


When you are so relaxed , you can become aware of all the resources that are already within you , the resources which are yours , there for your use.

And with these resources , you can take control of your life now.

Anticipate happiness and happiness is yours.

A wise man once said ‘the reason we seek happiness is because that is already within our core – we just have to find it , and see through all of the layers of negativity we have built over the years. We seek happiness because that is our true self’.

And I will count from 3 down to 0 and as always, when I’ve counted from 3 down to 0 you will come back to the room so full of joy and knowing that happiness is within your reach.


You are less and less worried about the future , as you relax more and more , you let things go and enjoy every day , as worry drops out of your life.

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