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Session 7/10


Hi and welcome back to part 7 of this series , I’m so glad you are able to join me today.

As always make sure you are in a comfortable position , feet are relaxed , legs are relaxed , hips are relaxed , stomach and chest are relaxed , your back, shoulders and neck – relaxed , your head and face are relaxed , your whole body is relaxed and comfortable.

So let’s begin – taking a deep breath in and exhaling completely.

As always , breathing in with your stomach , filling it like a balloon , and then exhaling completely , and releasing all of the used air , bringing beautiful fresh oxygen to the whole body , filling our being with that vital life force , bringing peace and relaxation to the mind.

So breathe in on a count of 4…1…2…3…4 then exhale on a count of 5…1…2…3…4…5

Just keep breathing like that for a few moments…


And as you go deeper now , just letting go and drifting , while you listen to the sound of my voice.

You can recognize more and more that you are your first priority , you know that when you are feeling relaxed and calm , you are able to function and deal with any situation life throws at you.

When you are relaxed and calm , you are working from our intellectual mind and can access all of those resources that are already within you , you are able to know intuitively how to deal with any situation and have all of the solutions to life’s problems.

You need to be clear about your personal boundaries , clear about your own needs , because when you take care of yourself , you feel good , and when you feel good – you are able to care for others too , so instead of being a selfish act , taking care of yourself first is actually a selfless thing to do.


The brain is not hardwired , but changing your thinking habits is hard , it’s much easier to keep thinking in the same ways than challenging your thinking and changing how we think about events, situations, people and life.

Imagine being on top of a snowy mountain with your sleigh , you go down once and then again , the more often you go down that path , the easier it gets to sled down.

So why wouldn’t you keep going down that same path? Changing to a new path would mean having to break through the thick snow first – seems difficult.

But it’s the same way with thinking , its way easier to follow the same path again and again because a new way would take effort.

Of course, once you’ve used a new way a few times , it will become just as easy as the old path – in fact, the snow will soon cover the old path and you’ll find it harder and harder to go down the old way.

This is why we must practice , practicing awareness and making note of all the good stuff is a sure way to train the mind to start thinking more positively.

And when we are calm and relaxed , this is much easier to do.


Now returning to the breath , calmly and deeply inhaling and exhaling.

Continue to breathe.


And let’s return our attention to the body.

Take a moment to scan your body and then bring your awareness to the very tips of your toes , as you move up through your feet, ankles and calves , bringing relaxation and releasing any tension – let them rest comfortably.

As you move your attention up all the way through your knees and thighs , and any tension you might be holding – just let it go.

You become aware of your hips and pelvic area , glutes , take a deep inhalation and then just imagine moving your breath through your body , that clean refreshing air , moves through your body , to your hips as you inhale , and then exhale deeply and completely , pushing out all of the used air , letting go of things that no longer serve , allowing all the tension to flow away.

Now your back – lower, middle and upper back , allowing the muscles along your spine to relax and let go.

As you bring your awareness to your stomach , and how it rises and falls with every deep slow breath you take , and notice how you are breathing more slowly as you start to relax more and more , sinking and drifting…

Your chest and collarbones are moving with the rhythm of your breath , as all tension drains away.

Moving your awareness to your neck and shoulder muscles , releasing any tension as you think on down through your arms…the elbows…and all the way down to the very tips of your fingers – the little finger, ring finger, middle finger and index finger and the tips of your thumbs.

And bring your awareness to the top of your head , and think of the muscles of the scalp , and just allow them to let go and relax , tension often starts in the little muscles of the scalp , so becoming aware of them and consciously relaxing them – releases tension.

All the muscles of the face , the forehead…eyelids…the space between your eyebrows…the cheeks, mouth and jaw muscles , just allow all the muscles of your face to go slack and smooth out.

As you unclench your teeth and relax your tongue , because the more you physically relax , the more you can mentally relax.

Allowing this pleasant and comfortable experience of heaviness in the whole body to continue as you breathe comfortably.


You can see yourself now , standing in your own space , empowered , confident , strong , in control , filled with life , calm, centered and powerful.

So let’s come to the end.

I will count from 3 down to 0 and when I’ve counted from 3 down to 0 you will come back to the room so beautifully relaxed.


You can recognize more and more that you are your first priority , you know that when you are feeling relaxed and calm , you are able to function and deal with any situation life throws at you.

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