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Session 5/10


Hi, my name is Lauren and today we’re going to continue with part five of our series on finding joy.

Let’s begin by finding a lying position today. You can try this seated as well, but you might find the progressive relaxation a little bit easier while in a reclined position. So, let’s relax our eyes gently closed to begin with letting our mouth be closed and letting the breath flow gently in through our nose and out through our nose.

Tilting your chin slightly down and letting your shoulders just readjust down your back. Feeling your body supported by the ground beneath you. Readjusting as you need and feeling that nice long spine, supported head, letting your hands relaxed open. Letting your legs feel nice and floppy. They might splay open a little bit as well. Giving yourself the freedom to just really relax into this lying position.

As you lay, let’s bring our attention to the tips of our toes. Can you feel them? Do you feel coolness or warmth? Can you feel the air touching them? Do you feel the sensation of your toes, just relax through our feet, our toes, the arches of our feet, our ankles.

Really relax into the very bones of your feet here. Inhale, and feel your breath deep into your chest and belly. Exhale, driving that relaxation deeper through your feet and through your ankles.

Letting your attention creep up to your shins, noticing the sensation.

Can you feel your clothing touching your skin. You feel the air on your skin. Relax your calves, your shins behind your knees. Relax your entire lower leg as you inhale and exhale. Sinking deeper into your body. Letting your legs get heavier as you exhale.

Let’s bring our awareness up through our thighs. Our pelvis. Alright. Inhale again through your nose. And exhale. Relaxing through the tops of your legs. Relax, cross your lower back. lower belly, your hips and your pelvis.

Inhale and exhale. Feeling your legs relaxing entirely. Notice your muscles feeling heavier as you relax. Shift your attention up towards your belly. noticing it expand as you inhale and fall as you exhale.

Relax through our ribcage. Our chest, shoulders, collarbone. Feel your torso becoming heavy and still as you sink deeper into relaxation.

Inhale and exhale. feel the tension leaving your shoulders at the top To leave your chest and belly. Let your body be still feeling yourself becoming heavier, supported by the ground beneath you.

Relax across your neck, your jaw. Feel your vertebrae down the length of your spine, from your neck to your tailbone. Your upper body relax completely. Letting your shoulders and arms drop and release. Letting your fingertips relax the palms of your hands, your wrists and your elbows.

Relax across your shoulder blades and your neck. Relax your jaw. Feeling your skull, your ears, relaxing your eyelids, your forehead. Letting your eyes just fall back and rest. Inhale Exhale, feeling your body becoming heavier and more relaxed. Relaxed your body from the top of your head down through your shoulders, your belly, your back, your pelvis all the way to your toes.

Thinking deeper into your muscles. Inhale, breathing into our belly, feeling the sensation of our breath expand and spread across our body. Bringing that sensation as we exhale through our torso, down our arms, down our legs to the very tips of our fingers and toes. Feeling that radiant energy within the movements of your breath.

Imagining this movement of breath as a wave a wave of relaxation from head to toe. Inhaling bubbling happiness in our chest and exhaling, relaxing our body from our scale down through to the tips of our toes. noticing the sensations as this radiant energy flows through our body.

Noticing the warm as you inhale, building feeling of joy in your chest. and exhaling feeling that progressive relaxation of your hand down through the length of your body to your toes. noticing the sensations as we use our breath to direct that radiant energy through the body.

Feeling that serenity as we inhale using the physical sensation of joy that we can build on the inhale and just relax into on the exhale. Feeling that sensation of serenity that you’ve created. Feeling the sensation of joy in the moment.

Let’s begin to deepen our breath. Feeling movement of our fingers and toes. noticing the sounds around you the floor beneath you. shrugging your shoulders, tilting your head from side to side. Slowly pulling your knees up towards your chest. holding them close if that’s comfortable for you today. Feeling that expansion across your lower back as your rest here for a moment.

Roll gently onto one side as your body gets used to sensation again. Taking a moment and feeling the stillness in your body, gently opening our eyes, pressing our hands into the ground and lifting ourselves up to a seated position.

Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I look forward to seeing you in part six of this series. See you next time.

Taking a moment and feeling the stillness in your body, gently opening our eyes, pressing our hands into the ground and lifting ourselves up to a seated position.

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