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Session 9/10


Hi, I’m Lauren. Welcome back to our series on finding joy. Great to have you back. Let’s continue our journey of noticing today with a meditation on breath awareness.

Let’s begin by finding a comfortable seated or lying position, letting your eyes relax, letting your mouth be close, trying to breathe in and out through your nose. Let your chin tilt slightly down, letting your head being nice as supported by your neck and shoulders. Just holding yourself in a nice, straight, comfortable position.

In today’s meditation, we’re working on noticing our breath and noticing the sensations in our body as we breathe. So let’s sit for a moment and just bring our awareness to the rhythm of our breath today kind of settling in to where our breath is.

Inhale and feel that slight pause at the top of your breath. Feel your body exhale. noticing how your breath is automatic going on in the background. Inhale and as you exhale noticing the sensations in your body.

Notice a gentle relaxation starting from your chest. Beginning to resolve any tension and tightness in the body. Relaxation spreading from your torso through your lens as you continue to breathe gently in and gently out as you inhale, helium, ribcage expand noticing any sensation or tightness.

Notice how the muscles around your ribcage. all work together as you breathe. Feel your diaphragm relaxed down as you inhale and press up as you exhale. noticing the expansion and contraction of your ribcage as you watch your breath in and out. When you notice your mind beginning to wander, gently shift your attention back to the breath.

Remember, we’re just observers of our mind today. So just observing that with kind curiosity, just nudging our attention back to the breath.

Let’s watch our next inhale following the journey of breath as we breathe in through our nose and out through our nose. Deep in your inhale. Breathe down into your belly feeling and expand and make space for more air in your lungs.

Filling the lower part of our lungs with air completely expanding your ribcage as you inhale. Feel your collarbone rise as your lungs are completely filled with air. Exhaling slowly and completely. Feel your muscles contract as the air is expelled in a gentle continuous stream from your nose.

Let your inhale come in for five counts and out for five counts. Feeling the pause at the top of your breath and the pause at the base of your breath. You can follow my voice if it’s comfortable for your breath today.

And if you begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy, just slow down and settle back into your normal breathing rhythm, it can take a little time to come to the full five counts.

Let’s exhale completely first. And inhale. 12345 pausing at the top of your breath, exhale. 12345. pausing again at the base of your breath. Inhale 12345 and exhale. 12345. Inhale 12345 and exhale. 12345. Inhale, 12345 and exhale. 12345. Inhale, 12345 and exhale. 12345. Inhale, 12345. And exhale. 1234. Inhale, 12345. And exhale. 12345. Inhale, 12345. And exhale, 12345.

Inhale, feeling that bubbling happiness. noticing a sensation building within your chest, a tingling or warm exhale, letting that tension to solve in your body as that sensation spreads within you. Feeling that sensation of radiant joy building and expanding as you inhale, and let it slowly spread through you as you exhale.

Inhale and feel that bubbling happiness fueled, expanding and building within your chest. You it’s spreading throughout your body as you exhale. feel the tension dissolve as a sensation of joy spreads with your exhale. Building again through that inhale, building on that bubbling feeling of happiness.

Releasing tension and stress with your exhale. Loving that radiant energy move through you becoming your breath as they flow seamlessly. Gently beginning to deepen your breath. wiggling your fingers and toes, turning your head from side to side.

Gently open your eye thank you so much for joining me again today.

I can’t wait wait to share part 10 of this series with you. I’ll see you next time.

Remember, we're just observers of our mind today. So just observing that with kind curiosity, just nudging our attention back to the breath.

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