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Session 8/10


Hi, welcome back. I’m Lauren and today we’re going to continue with part eight of our series on finding joy.

Today’s meditation is on mindful awareness. So let’s begin by finding a comfortable seated or lying position. Having your eyes relax, let our mouth be close, bringing that inhale and exhale through your nose. Let your chin tilt slightly down, and let your head feel supported on your shoulders.

Let it feel nice and weightless. During the seated meditation, we’ll focus our attention on the breath. Keeping in mind that meditation is not the absence of thoughts or feelings, but the act of noticing as our thoughts and feelings arise.

So it’s not the absence of anger and the presence of happiness, but it’s the act of noticing whatever’s happening in the moment. So by meditating, we’re just practicing that ability to notice.

And let’s bring a kind curiosity to this practice today. As if we’re observing our mind, as if we’re separate from our mind. Being an outside observer to our own thoughts and feelings today.

Let’s begin to settle into the rhythm of our breath. Watching it come in and out gently, almost automatically settling into the rhythm, and it wants to be out today.

And noticing our body How are your feet supported? Are they in shoes? Are they bare? Can you feel the floor beneath them? noticing how your legs are supported by the chair or the floor beneath you.

Higher hands are resting and noticing your skin can you feel your skin can you feel clothing touching your skin?

Do you feel the air around you? Do you notice pressure or sensation in the body. When you notice your mind beginning to wander from the breath.

Gently nudge it back to the breath. hailing our breath flowing gently in and out of our body as you inhale feeling the sensations of joy beginning to fill your chest You’re the radiant energy bubbling through you as you breathe.

Inhale and exhale. Letting your exhale direct attention from your body. replacing it with radiant energy as you inhale. Inhale. Feeling the sensations of bubbling happiness, expanding and building within your chest.

Notice the pressure in your chest build that feeling of joy overflowing from you. Let the radiant energy spread down through your torso through your limbs into the space around you.

Feel that sensation of joy almost bursting from your fingertips, your toes, feel it’s spreading. surrounding you enveloping you in a pocket of radiant joy.

Inhale and exhale. Feeling that expansive joy within you. glowing brighter as you inhale, spreading through your body. Letting that radiant energy become your breath as it flows through you. Building again on your in breath and flowing through you with your outbreath surrounding you in a pocket of radiant joy.

Moving that joy within you, feeling that expansive energy as we slowly began to deepen our breath bring a little awareness to our fingers and toes with a shadow of joy still on them so crackling with energy. Bring a little motion to your fingers and toes tilting your head from side to side. Sure broke your shoulders. Feel your eyes open gently

Looking forward to seeing you in part nine of the series. I’ll see you next time.

Keeping in mind that meditation is not the absence of thoughts or feelings, but the act of noticing as our thoughts and feelings arise.

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