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Session 2/10


Hello and welcome to this meditation for self power. My name is Alamay, and I’ll be guiding you through this guided meditation VR session.

In this meditation, power is defined as strength we witness within ourselves. Life will always provide us with new opportunities to grow, whether we wish it to or not. And these challenging times, we can learn more about ourselves, how strong we truly are, and how much we can overcome. It also gives us the opportunity to forgive ourselves when we stumble, as it’s inevitable in life that we will.

During this meditation, you can start off with placing your hands on your heart or lower belly. This will help you connect to your breath and come back to the sensation of your body. If your mind wanders off, which is natural if it happens. Just relax back and enjoy the scenery around you as you breathe.

If your hand is resting over your body, just allow the sensations of your breath to flow through your awareness. Feel the gentle Rise and Fall of your belly or chest as you breathe.

The slow rhythm of your breathing the pauses between your breaths. How effortlessly does your body breathe? Do you even have to think about it? Does it happen naturally without your awareness? How long has your body been supporting you in life without your awareness?

Pumping blood throughout your body, keeping your organs running, maintaining a living body experience all this time, even without your awareness to it.

You currently reside in a body that is a descendant of a lineage that is believed to span all the way back to five to 7 million years ago, according to science today. Don’t you think in that time, your ancestors have gone through challenging times and overcome them?

Would you be here today, living in your modern world, in this virtual reality headset, without the power and strength of your ancestors holding you up and paving the way you don’t have to become powerful, feel powerful, or imagine power within you. You already are powerful, strong and full of life. Now, your existence proof that you exist from a lineage that goes back so far it can be incomprehensible to truly understand. You are powerful, you exist. That in itself is power.

You can do what you please because you can. You are enough because you are you. Just connect with your breath for a while feeling the power of your own body. Anytime your mind wanders off, just let it or come back into the sensations of your hand on your belly or chest.

As you feel more connected to the power within you Now, consider moving your hands to your legs or feet. You can keep them in one spot or move them gently across your legs and feet connecting to them.

Noting how your legs support you throughout your day. Provide balance and move you through life. How powerful and strong the muscles and bones are in your legs and feet.

And consider placing your hands on your torso, perhaps moving your hands around to feel your torso fully.

Feeling the sturdiness of your torso. The strength of it how your spine holds you up. How the rib cage protects many organs. How your organs support your life. The power of your heart and lungs for being able to support you through life, even without you paying any attention to it.

Consider placing your hands on your arms or holding your own hands. Feeling the flexibility, dexterity and strength of your arms enhance the tactile nature of your fingers and the power of your arms to support them. consider placing your hands on your neck and head.

Feeling the flexibility of your neck allowing you to see this environments clearly. Feeling the face and many of the senses here interpreting the world around you. Hard skull protecting a brilliant brain beneath it.

Your body is intelligent, wise and powerful without you needing to make it that way. It is the descendant of millions of years of raw evolution and the perseverance of your ancient ancestors that brought you to where you are today. Anytime you need a reminder of who you are, just come back here.

As you move throughout your day, consider looking at all the ways you already are powerful. You just have to realize it. You don’t have to find it.

Thank you for listening and have an empowering day.

Life will always provide us with new opportunities to grow, whether we wish it to or not. And these challenging times, we can learn more about ourselves, how strong we truly are, and how much we can overcome.

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