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Session 6/10


Hello and welcome to this meditation for self acceptance. My name is Alamay. And I’ll be guiding you through this guided meditation VR session. Thank you for joining.
For this meditation, self acceptance is when we allow ourselves to just be who we are. We all have happy and sad sides, fierce and scared sides, wise and naïve sides, loving and shameful sides.
It is our wide spectrum of who we are, that makes us unique and interesting. And this meditation, we will explore how wonderful you are for just being you without needing to change anything. Any side is okay. And there’s no need to hide it anymore, as long as it’s safe for yourself and others.
Let’s get started.
Take a moment to get comfortable, perhaps leaning back into the surface you are resting upon, or allowing your spine to straighten comfortably as you sit up.
Letting your breath settle down into a comfortable tempo today. Feeling your body relax on each exhalation. Take a moment to take in the beautiful space around you.
The sun or stars above shine down illuminating this world. This bright light from above represents that you are loved just as you are. every part of your body that it reaches is accepted and honored just as it is. Now this white light above you, shines down upon your body even more with its warmth.
You feel it’s gentle warmth and light on the top of your head. It’s the warmth and light grows into your very head into your hair. into your eyes. into your brain. into your cheek, into your jaw into your face. All parts of your head. Just breathe in and out. This gentle warmth and light from above.
Whether it’s from the moon, the sun or the stars, just allowing it into your body. Everything here is okay. You can just relax into this. This warmth and light fills up your entire head. It slowly shines down into your neck, filling up the skin, the muscles, the bones and all parts of your neck.
It slowly moves down to your upper torso and shoulders, filling up all areas here. The warm through reaching all the way into your bones. You feel this light and warmth accepting and loving all parts of you.
It slides down into your arms and you feel it filling up all parts of your skin. Your muscle, your blood, your nerves and even your bones shines down into your hands, filling up your hands with loving, accepting and confident lights and warmth.
The light from the moon or the sun Are the stars above, shines down back up into your chest area. It fills up your heart, your lungs, your ribcage, spine, and muscles here with love, light, warmth and acceptance.
Moves down into your middle torso, filling up your skin, your muscles, your bones, and your organs here with love and light. You feel warm all the way down into your very core.
It moves down your body into your lower torso, filling up all the skin, the muscles, the blood, the bones with this light. All of your organs feel a warmth and fusing into them.
It slides down your hips and onto your legs, filling up all of your legs with a grounding a loving energy.
It slides all the way down into your feet, filling up all areas of your feet with this warmth and light.
And now your whole body is cocooned in this energy. Just breathe it in and out. As if you were integrated with this light and warmth from above, like there is no end to where this warmth begins and where your body ends.
You breathe in this warmth from the lights into your lungs. And you breathe out the warmth and the lights from your body.
You feel the flow of this warmth and light moving everywhere around you and inside of you. accepting all parts of you.
Just breathe and let these words wash over you. You can just absolutely listen to them or repeat them after me if you resonate with them.
I am worthy of receiving this lights and acceptance.
I accept all that I am known and unknown.
I am worthy of being who I am. I accept all parts of myself.
I love all of myself.
Well done connecting to your physical body again, by wiggling your toes and your fingers. Perhaps taking a gentle stretch, being mindful of your environments around you.
How is this for you? Anytime you want some love, self acceptance and mites into your life, just come back to this meditation. Even if it feels a bit silly to do sometimes, if you believe it to be true, you will experience it to be true in your life.
Thank you so much for participating in this meditation and have a wonderful day.

We all have happy and sad sides, fierce and scared sides, wise and naïve sides, loving and shameful sides.
It is our wide spectrum of who we are, that makes us unique and interesting.

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