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Session 7/10


Hello, and welcome to this meditation for having more fun in your life. My name is Alamay and I will be your guide for the next 10 minutes.
It is all about having fun through your own creativity and imagination. Do you remember when you were a child, and it was effortless to play with inanimate objects, meet new friends from strangers, and move through life with joy.
We’re going to go back to that time.
Even if you don’t have good memories, you can pull up, we will create good memories and have some fun. Let’s play. Take a moment to relax and settle in.
Observe the view around you the colors, taking it all in.
Connect your breath. Just note the sensations in your body as you inhale and exhale.
Let your breath be at whatever pace feels best for you today. I’m going to gently guide you back into some earlier memories. If you can’t think of a memory that works, you can just make something up. There is no right or wrong answers.
See if you can find a time in your childhood when you were having fun. And just be with that memory.
If you can’t think of anything, just create something new.
Perhaps you’re a kid and you’re playing in a ravine exploring a new forest, playing with new toys, or meeting new friends that live nearby. It can be any made up memory that you wish you get to have fun in designing this brand new memory imagine that you can breathe into this memory as if it’s happening right now.
The joy you felt then is alive within your body now hear the sounds around you in the memory. It’s okay if this is hard to do, just do the best you can smell any sense around you in the memory. Taste any flavors you remember in this memory.
Feel how your body felt in this memory? How your breath wise the sensations in your body. Notice what you see from this memory, the colors, the amount of light the shapes around you?
What does the sense of joy, freedom, or creativity from this memory feel like in your body?
Perhaps a lightness in your chest. A different breathing tempo or different sensations in your body. No matter what changes you noticed, see if you can just be with them.
Could you perhaps replicate this feeling in your daily life? Could you drink your morning beverage or perform a simple daily action and feel as alive as you do in this memory?
Could you be with your loved ones and play with them again, like you did as a child, perhaps in a new way, but still with that same wonderful playful energy.
Could you be alone with yourself and just enjoy your own company, like being friends with yourself.
Coming back to your awareness of your breath. Feeling how your body is again, perhaps taking a light stretch, being aware of your surroundings when you do so.
Well done. That joyful part of you that plays wherever you go still exists within you. But it’s like a muscle that has to be used every day.
Consider coming back to this meditation when you wish to have this type of fun again, or consider playing and having fun once a day.
See what happens in your life when you make this a habit. It’s all an adventure.
From here I have a fun and playful day ahead of you.

See if you can find a time in your childhood when you were having fun. And just be with that memory.

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