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Session 9/10


Hello and welcome to this meditation called I feel great by guided meditation VR. My name is Alamay and I will be guiding you through this.
Positivity is a concept of looking at the bright side of life. Being positive doesn’t mean you’re oblivious to the pros and cons of what is happening. But instead you are choosing to focus on what is going well.
When you perceive what is already going well, it is easier to feel good. When you feel good, it’s easier to perceive more positive things in your life. It is an upward spiral until positivity and optimism becomes your natural state.
Let’s try this out so you can feel it for yourself. Take a moment to get comfortable. Perhaps leaning back into the surface you are resting upon, or allowing your spine to straighten comfortably as you stand or sit up.
Letting your muscles slowly relax on each exhalation.
Letting your breath settle down into a comfortable tempo today.
Take some time to perceive your environment. What about this place makes you feel good. Perhaps the colors the textures, shapes, any objects the scenic view anything at all. Do any sounds bring you peace just listening to them?
Perhaps the music or if there’s no music, the gentle silence permeating around you.
There’s anything about your body in this moment bring you joy. Perhaps that your body feels a bit more relaxed or that you can feel the pleasure of breathing in and out and feeling alive.
Does anything in your day to day life bring you a sense of feeling good. Perhaps something like your morning drink your favorite television show or game or even being around a loved one. Does anyone in your life bring you positivity?
Perhaps a loved one, an animal companion, or even someone you don’t know. But you just enjoy watching their content, reading their books, or learning from them.
And now just take some time to ponder over anything else that makes you feel good in this moment. You can’t get it wrong.
That’s it, you’ve done a wonderful job. Congratulations. You’ve taken the time today to perceive what is going well and makes you happy in your life.
Your perception of optimism is kind of like a habit. Some days it will be easier than others. As long as you try it out for a little bit every day. It will eventually grow stronger until it is your dominant perception.
Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to experience life, whether it’s positive or negative, or somewhere in between. It’s up to you to decide how you want to see things. What you perceive becomes your life experience.
Thank you for listening. I wish you a positive and happy day ahead of you. Until next time.

Being positive doesn't mean you're oblivious to the pros and cons of what is happening. But instead you are choosing to focus on what is going well.

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