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Hi, my name is Lauren. Welcome to this meditation series on finding joy. In this series, we’re going to explore what joy is and where it resides within all of us.

Have you ever tried to cultivate a feeling within yourself? Do we all have a source of joy within us that we just need to learn how to access.

In this series, we’re going to learn together how to find that joy within ourselves. We’ll work on finding the present moment and discover where joy has been hiding all this time.

First, let’s find a comfortable position. You can always lay down or sit comfortably. It’s really about what works for you. Let’s relax our eyes close and try and bring our breath in through our nose and out through our nose.

In today’s meditation, we’re going to try and focus our energy on noticing, noticing our breath, our sensations, our thoughts. As you sit or lay today, bring your attention to your feet and you feel.

Can you feel the floor beneath them, do you feel your clothing touching your skin? Bring that awareness gently up towards your ankles. creeping that attention up to your shins. chin ease noticing the sensation in our body.

Do we feel the air on our skin. Do you feel your clothing touching your skin as you inhale and exhale, relax through your lower leg muscles. Relax through your knees, your shins, through your ankles and your feet all the way down to your toes. noticing the sensation within your legs.

Do you feel a tingling, a warm heaviness bringing our awareness up through our thighs, our pelvis or hips. Inhale again through your nose. And exhale. Relaxing through the tops of your legs. Relax across your lower back. lower belly, hips and pelvis. Feel your muscles sink a little deeper into relaxation.

Notice sensation as you inhale and exhale. Shifting our attention up towards our belly. Noticing and expand as you inhale.

Then watch it fall as you exhale. Anytime we begin to notice our breath, it tends to become a bit mechanical. And don’t worry about that. That’s normal. Just notice it. Keep your lower body relax and almost blobby as you observe your breath.

Focus your attention on the sensation of your inhale. And exhale.

Relax through your ribcage, your chest, shoulder, shoulders, collarbone, relaxing across your neck, your jaw. Feeling your vertebrae down the length of your spine from your neck to your tailbone.

Do you feel any sensations, tightness or discomfort? Do you notice your body holding on to tension in your belly as you relax down your spine.

Your upper body, relax. Your shoulders and arms drop and release. noticing your fingertip, the palms of your hands, your wrists and your elbows. Using your exhale to drive some relaxation across your shoulder blades, your neck, relaxing your jaw.

Let your tongue relax and your mouth, your palate. relaxing your scalp, your ears, your islands. Let your eyes just gently fall back and rest.

Relaxing your body from the top of our head. The tips of our toes inhaling down into our belly. Feeling the sensation of our breath expand and spread across her chest.

Letting that sensation come through your torso come down your arms down your legs to the tips of your fingers and toes. Feeling the radiant energy within the movement of our breath.

As we inhale, exhale. Imagine a wave of relaxation flowing from the top of your head down to your toes.

Noticing that sensation of relaxation through your body. Inhale and again, exhale as you bring that wave of relaxation to toe. Inhale. Feel that radiant energy flowing with your breath.

Letting that sensation do as you inhale, spreading that sensation as you exhale. Inhale and feel the radiant energy flowing with your breath. feel the sensation of breath in your chest as you inhale, letting that sensation build.

And as we exhale, let that movement of breath spread through your torso and limbs. Use that exhale to drive the relaxation throughout your body can deepen your breath feeling the stillness you’ve created.

Feeling the sensations of contentedness calmness of serenity in this moment brings a movement to our fingers to our toes. Gently tilting her head from side to side. If you’re in a laying position, you can gently roll off to one side. Just feeling that sense of calmness in your body.

Pressing yourself up to a seated position. Gently opening our eyes. Thank you for practicing with me today.

I look forward to seeing you in part two of the series. See you next time.

We're going to try and focus our energy on noticing, noticing our breath, our sensations, our thoughts.

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