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Session 2/10


Hi, my name is Lauren and today we’re going to continue with part two of our series on finding joy.

Today’s meditation is on breath awareness. So let’s find our position for today. sitting or lying down and relaxing your eyes closed if you like. We’re going to work today on noticing our breath. And noticing the sensations in our body as we breathe.

So as you sit or lie, bring your attention to your inhale. breathing in through your nose, and out through your nose. I know that when we start to pay attention to our breath, it can feel mechanical, and that’s normal.

So just pay attention to that sensation of the breath. just noticing as you breathe in, and I’ll take a few moments here to just settle comfortably into the rhythm of our breath today.

Inhale, and as you exhale, notice the sensations in your body. Notice a gentle relaxation starting from your chest. Beginning to resolve the tension and tightness in your body. Relaxation spreading from your torso through your limbs as you continue to breathe gently and gently out.

If your mind begins to wander, notice and turn your attention to the sensations of your breath.

Return your attention to the breath. Do you feel the sensation of breath today? Do you notice it on the edge of your nostrils at the back of your throat on your upper left. Notice where you feel the most sensitive to the sensations of your breath. Everyone notices the sensations in a different way.

So notice where you feel it today and focus your minds full attention there. observing your breath and the sensation of breathing. Notice the change in temperature as you inhale cool air and exhale, warm air.

As you notice your mind beginning to wander, gently return your focus to the breath. Remembering to stick gentle with your mind, non judgmental and not attempting to control the mind just observing as it wanders and returns.

As you inhale, heal your rib cage expand, noticing any sensations or tightness. noticing the movements and all the muscles that work together as you breathe. your diaphragm pulling down as you inhale and pressing up as you exhale. noticing the expansion and contraction of the ribcage as you watch your breath in and out.

Let your breath gently continue as you observe a sensation of joy. Building your chest as you inhale. Some people notice this as a tingling in their chest or a warm sun notice a feeling of bubbling happiness. You might feel a calm contentment or stillness. Feel the sensation of joy building as you inhale and spreading across your chest and torso as you exhale.

Inhale and feel the joyful energy expanding, building and radiating from your chest. Feel it’s spreading through your torso and limbs. As you exhale, feel the tension dissolve as the sensation of joy spreads throughout your body builds again on the in breath solving fear and tension with your outbreath.

As we bring today’s meditation to a close remember to notice the sensations in your day. returning your attention to the sensation of your breath throughout your day.

Looking forward to seeing you in part three of our series on finding joy. See you next time.

If your mind begins to wander, notice and turn your attention to the sensations of your breath.

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