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Session 8/10


Welcome to day eight. I hope you are feeling grounded and relaxed. And noticing changes in the way you approach things and ideas. Today we are going to talk about finding Focus.
Focus can mean many things, it could be the ability to stay focused on a task undistracted. It could also mean the ability to keep the mind engaged in the direction we want. The focus we are talking about is the ability to know what to focus on. And why there is a visualization component to this exercise, as well as a mindfulness one.
I want you to imagine a circle. Let’s just say it’s not a small circle, expand it as much as you want. This big circle encompasses all the things that concern you, including work and relationships. Now imagine another circle within this big circle, make the circumference of this smaller circle as big or small. But remember that this smaller circle represents the things you can influence directly. It’s probably a much smaller circle, and rightly so. Because you can only influence so much around you. This is not something to be concerned about, because your circle of influence expands with time. But recognizing the limits of this influence is the key to finding focus. The things that lie within this circle are the things you can influence both positively and negatively. Your circle of influence is the things you can directly control with your actions. Anything that lies outside, the circumference of this circle isn’t under your direct control. And it shouldn’t worry you.
Recognizing what you can control directly is powerful. But so is the knowledge that you have no control over certain things. What would you achieve worrying about something you have no control over? Not much. It’s no use to waste your time and energy focusing on things that are outside your circle of influence. The key is to focus on things you can change. And this includes your thoughts, your actions, and your attitude towards a problem. Besides these, you have no control over things like tomorrow’s weather, or what someone chooses to do or not do. Once you start focusing on the things that lie within your circle of influence, your circle of influence would expand automatically, but you have to start exerting your efforts on things you can directly influence.
Now, with that thought in mind, just take a moment to get comfortable. And when you’re ready, starting the exercise in the usual way. It’s a nice being deep breath. And with the next exhalation, gently closing the eyes and settling back now into the space around you and becoming more aware of the different physical senses. And now as always, scanning down from head to toe.
Checking in with the body. noticing how you feel physically. also noticing what sort of emotions you are experiencing. Don’t force any emotion, good or bad. just acknowledge them as they come and go. And now Shift your attention towards the breath. And taking a deep breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth.
Continue to breathe in and out. And reminding yourself of why you’re doing this. reminding yourself of how it will help you. And then rest your attention on the rising and falling sensation of your breath.
Bring your attention towards various areas of your body. Start starting from the top of the head, down the throat, the chest, abdomen, navel, the feet. And then back again to the abdomen, the chest, throat and around the head. Continue to inhale and exhale. As you glide your focus around the various parts of your body. Scan the body up and down with your mind’s eye as you visualize the hand, the throat, the chest, navel, and the feet. And as you reach the feet, just let go of that focus. And just let the mind be free.
And now bringing your attention back to the breath. Continue to inhale and exhale. I’d like you to gently bring your attention towards your thoughts. What were you thinking about as you continue to breathe in and out. Your mind wandered to a particular thought. And that was your focus at the moment. It’s okay. It’s natural. You may have noticed that as your mind was occupied with the thought that thought was the center of your focus. That’s the other side of focus, we can choose what we focus on. You may have also noticed that when we are thinking about something sad or angry, our entire mind was consumed by the same sadness or anger. That that’s the nature of thoughts. We become what we focus on. That’s what I’d like you to remember about focus today. We are what we focus on.
And now bringing the attention back into the body again, starting to feel the weight of the body. And being more aware of those physical points of contact. As you bring the mind into the other physical senses, starting to notice the sounds around you any smells, and becoming aware of the space around you. Finding focus isn’t about hindering particular thoughts. It is simply about recognizing your power of influence and choosing to use it adeptly. It’s not about getting rid of the feeling. It’s about shifting the perspective. So we only focus on things we can directly influence and change. With that thought we will end today’s session and I will see you tomorrow for day nine.

Your circle of influence is the things you can directly control with your actions. Anything that lies outside, the circumference of this circle isn't under your direct control. And it shouldn't worry you.

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