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Session 5/10


Meditation 5: Thought Observations

Hello, and welcome back to the meditation for depression series.

I hope that you’ve been able to glean from the previous meditations and take some time to practice the noting technique since the last session.

Have you been remembering to gauge or note your thoughts?

Have you seen how thoughts or feelings can often impact your day?

Have you noticed a greater percentage of negative or positive thoughts?

If so, what was your response? Were you able to successfully note these thoughts with a word or two and then let them go? Returning your focus on the present moment? Or did they take over your thinking, pushing you into the past or future?

Are you keeping in mind that thoughts aren’t facts? Thoughts are not reality?

Keep in mind that meditation is a magic technique and it does take practice. You’ll find the more often you meditate, the better you’ll become at becoming an observer of your thoughts. You’ll be able to recognize those negative thoughts that tend to bring you down emotionally…ultimately, realizing that those thoughts are just thoughts; not facts…and you have permission to just let them go. No judging. No attaching meaning to them. No entertaining them. Just observing and letting them go.

This will help you to feel more freedom. More peace, and more joy.

Today we’re going to continue practicing noting and letting go of any thoughts that come, staying focused on present moment living. Remember that depression is largely fueled by negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings, but we can learn to identify those thoughts, acknowledge or note them, and let them fly off into the cosmos. As we do, we empower ourselves- our true selves- with the truth about ourselves..,the truth being that we are worthy of so much good in this life. The kind of goodness that brings peace and joy.

Now, let’s begin, gently taking a few deep breaths.

Note that on your in breath, your body fills up like a balloon and when you exhale slowly, your mind and body are letting go.

Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4,

Exhale, 1, 2,3,4,5

It feels good to quiet your body and mind.

Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4,

Exhale, 1, 2,3,4,5

Now, let your breath return to normal. Just let it be in its own rhythm.

And right now, you’re fully aware of your body, your presence, your breath.  All five senses are alert and aware. You’re letting go of all control. You’re just being. In the moment.

Now, let’s relax even more… Deeper. Let’s take one more long, slow, deep breath, now exhale fully.

Focusing on your natural breath now, perhaps silently saying “inhale” and “exhale” as you breathe.

Just be.

Right now, you just are. No past. No future. No expectations. Just now. Being.

Time doesn’t exist right now.

If a thought comes, note it just as we’ve been doing in the previous meditations. Let a thought come and simply note it with a word or two, then come back to an awareness of you.

Now, wherever you are… you’re secret place like the beach or a meadow perhaps, notice how calm everything is. How still. Do you hear any sounds? Perhaps birds singing or the wind blowing… if so, simply note the sounds and return focus to the breath.

You’re experiencing such inner peace and silence.

With time this noting behavior can become automatic. We’re not there yet, but like any muscle it needs to strengthen with practice over time. Our moments together are like training for the adventures up ahead. We want you strong in body, and mind.

Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4,

Exhale, 1, 2,3,4,5

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4,

Exhale, 1, 2,3,4,5

In a past session we used the analogy of your thoughts being a heavy back pack on your journey. You may have found this silly at the time, but many have worn this baggage for so long they no longer feel its burden. Recognizing its weight and negative impact on your travel is a positive step in leaving it behind.

And one more time…

Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4,

Exhale, 1, 2,3,4,5

Now, slowly bring your awareness back to your body, feeling your weight against the ground or chair. If you want, you can wiggle your toes or fingers as you become more alert.

Slowly open your eyes and notice how calm you feel. Notice how refreshed you feel, perhaps even more optimistic about your day. Now, take this feeling, or mindfulness, with you today and this week, focusing on your breath as much as possible. Continue to track your thoughts when they pop in, remembering that a thought is just a thought. Thoughts are not facts. They’re not reality.

Remember you live in the present. The past or future want to always weigh in, but you control your lens here and now. The present you wants to be happy. The present you deserves happiness.

When a thought or feeling comes, simply note it with one or two words and then return your focus to the present moment.

Congratulations on another completed meditation on your journey toward joy. You’re being proactive in your personal growth in a big way.

Until next time, rest in the beauty of your wholeness.

Remember that depression is largely fueled by negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings, but we can learn to identify those thoughts, acknowledge or note them, and let them fly off into the cosmos.

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