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Session 9/10


Meditation 9  Discover Your Authentic Self

Hello, and welcome back to the meditation for depression series.

By now, you may notice that you’re more aware of your thought life when you’re out and about living life and hopefully, you’re using the noting technique to help you be more of an observer of your thoughts. You may see clearly how these thoughts can change your focus, and you may even have started to decide that some thoughts aren’t worth wasting time on.

Now, mindfulness will take some practice, which is essentially what you’re doing, and the more you can allow yourself to be aware of present moment living, the less you’ll experience intrusive thoughts that could make you feel negative emotions, like sadness, or thoughts of the past or future, which are often beyond our immediate control.

Now, today you’re going to turn your attention inward even deeper, to the very essence of who you are. To rediscover the core of your true being.

As we begin now, get settled comfortable, relaxing fully as you go ahead and take a long, deep breath.

Now, gently close your eyes and take two more long, full deep breaths. Inhaling….. Exhaling…


Perfect. You’re relaxed and tuned in to your breath.

Keep in mind that authenticity is natural expression of who you really are. Your thoughts or feelings are not the real you. In fact, a thought is just a thought and a feeling is just a feeling, but the real you is outside of thoughts and feelings. Your authentic self is deep within and is full of peace, joy, and love.

Now, as you continue to breathe naturally, I want you to spend a few moments thinking about what your values are. What is important to you in life? Are there certain things you really value, such as honesty? Unconditional love? (pause)

Many times, our values make up the very core of who we are. For example, if you value your spouse, your life will reflect this by the way you treat him or her. If you value honestly, you’ll be an honest person, and so on.

Now, discovering your authentic self, or your core self, is simply you listening to who you truly are. You may have a false idea of who you are based on faulty thoughts, emotions, or experiences, but since you’re learning that you are not your thoughts or feelings, it will be easier for you to really find and embrace your true, authentic nature.

Now, close your eyes and let’s take a few moments and envision yourself going about a typical day. You get up, go to school or work, eat good food, talk to your family, and so on. Wherever you are right now, as an observer of yourself, make a note when something that makes you unhappy occur. What are some things that keep you from fulfilling your potential or living life happy and free?

Perhaps it’s negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, lack of finances, unfulfilling career, or emotional wounds… all of these things swirling around you…. yes, just observe the things in your life that seem to be holding you back.

Now, envision that one day you wake up and all of these things you’ve noted are now fixed. Every single thing that has been holding you back is just transformed in a couple seconds…and all that’s left is you, without any negative thoughts, beliefs, or negative emotions. (longer pause)

Now, the YOU that you see standing there is your authentic self…the real you..the core you that is pure. Radiant. Loving. Lovable.

What do you see about your authentic self?


What characteristics do you see?


Without anxiety, fear, or depression, what do you see? What are you passionate about? What dreams have you forgotten about? What traits do you see?


Are you energetic or laid back?


An introvert or extrovert?


What kinds of things do you think about?


What motivates you?


What are you passionate about?

This self that you’re seeing right now is your authentic self. This self that has been born of a greater entity that some call God, Creator, Great Spirit, Universe, and so on. This self that you came on this earth as, full of life, love, and potential. This self that is, at its core, peaceful and happy, radiating love and life outward.

Take a few moments and gaze upon your magnificent self.


Now, I want you to walk right up to your authentic self and step right into you. As you do, you become your authentic self, letting go of all masks, thoughts and feelings that are not truth. Right now you are becoming who you really are…your authentic self.

And it feels good. It feels peaceful. It’s like coming home, safe and secure.

Stay here in this moment now, fully embracing your true self.

Confident, peaceful, joyful, optimistic, loving, and so much more. (longer pause)

And when you’re ready, begin to come back to your surroundings, gently, slowly.

Open up your awareness to the space you’re in, noting any sounds or sensations you feel. Now, slowly open your eyes, wiggling your fingers and toes if you wish, getting reoriented to your surroundings. Smile, knowing that you’ve really come to get a glimpse of your authentic and amazing self today. You’re really getting to know your true self…not the weary self you thought you were.

Now, be this authentic self as you go about your day and week, staying mindful and practicing the noting technique when negative thoughts pop up. If you feel yourself start to revert back to negative thoughts, pause, take a couple of deep breaths, and recognize these distractions. And then visualize your authentic self, how would they react to these thoughts? Just you being your authentic self in all your glory, trusting that you are enough just as you are!

Congratulations on another meditation on your journey toward joy. You’re putting this hard work, and this effort is what produces results. Each step is progress forward.

Until next time.

The more you can allow yourself to be aware of present moment living, the less you’ll experience intrusive thoughts that could make you feel negative emotions, like sadness, or thoughts of the past or future, which are often beyond our immediate control.

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