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Session 5/10


The wonderful thing about meditation is that there is no one right way to meditate. Because there are various styles of meditation. There’s truly something for everyone.

This visualization meditation will be more similar to yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep. Yoga nidra brings our awareness to the space between waking and sleeping, and offers many benefits to both the conscious and subconscious mind.

While this meditation will not fully be Yoga nidra it will be similar as you are guided through a body scan, breath, work and visualization. This visualization meditation will take you on a journey of forgiveness to the self and the world around you.

If able, this meditation is best done lying flat on your back in a space that is free from distractions. Allow yourself to take any last movements you may need before finding stillness. Once still begin to notice the sounds outside of the space around you. recognize those sounds.

Allow them to float in one ear and out the other. Bringing the awareness closer to the body. begin to notice how the body is feeling here in this space in this moment, recognize the feeling.

Inhale and exhale, releasing any other feelings of discomfort or tension. begin to notice the sound of the breath. Recognize the sound of the breath gently inhaling and exhaling without altering the breath in any way. Notice how the breath feels here in this moment. Then begin to deepen the breath.

Inhale, Exhale.

Emptying the breath deep.

Inhale 123, deeper exhale 321. Inhale 123, exhale 321. Inhale 123, exhale 321.

Begin this deep three part breath at your own pace.

For the next several moments begin to soak in the serene environment around you. Notice the scenery and the temperature. What do you see? How do you feel in this space?

Imagine here in this beautiful space. A path just hidden from view calls for you Imagine the path of a head, nearby or even over the horizon. unfolding before you You are not fearful, rather invited. You begin to walk toward the path, stepping fully on to it.

Take a moment to soak in the scene around you. You leisurely continue on your way down the path. Eventually, you find yourself approaching a fallen tree. Why has the tree fallen? What has the tree taken down with it? you approach the tree noticing that while parts of the tree are beginning to decay, there’s still life sprouting from underneath. You notice that while the tree has fallen, there’s space for new life. You to forgive the tree for falling. In honor the lessons the tree provides.

Continuing on your path. As you continue on your path, you notice that you are illuminated by the full moon and stumble upon a creek. Looking over the water’s edge, you see your reflection next to that of the full moon. you reflect on the phases the moon goes through periods of light and periods of dark. The moon does not apologize for changing. And we forgive the moon for not always shining.

You notice which phase you are in one of light, one of dark or one somewhere in between. and you forgive yourself. Four if the moon can change, so can you you gaze into the water your reflection one last time and continue on your path. You notice the path coming to an end and you realize that the space is familiar. Walking a bit more to the paths and you recognize the space is where you first began.

As you remember the fallen tree you reflect on the times in which you have fallen and how you have been forgiven. As you remember the moon’s reflection. You think about the times you have been both light and dark, ever changing.

You remember your reflection forgiving yourself, offering yourself the chance to grow and change and you continue on your path. finding your way. Here again. Gently begin to deepen your breath and bring small movement back into the body.

Allowing the eyes to flutter open and closed. bring yourself back to your physical space. noticing how it feels now as compared to before.

As you prepare to go about your day. Take a moment to reflect on your meditation. And as a gentle reminder, sometimes forgiveness provides the space for us and others to grow.

This visualization meditation will take you on a journey of forgiveness to the self and the world around you.

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