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Session 8/10


What exactly is meditation? Depending who you ask, you will likely find a variety of answers. To put it simply, meditation is the act of cultivating mindfulness to achieve a more relaxed, calm, or mindful state.

The wonderful thing about meditation is that there are many ways it can be done. Just as we are all different people living different lives, or meditation can and should be different to this meditation will focus on love and forgiveness.

How love often goes hand in hand with forgiveness, and how love can help us forgive. By understanding our relationship with love for both ourselves and others, we can also begin to understand how we can practice compassion, and forgiveness.

Begin by getting comfortable in your space. This meditation can be done seated, or lying down, whichever is most comfortable and accessible. If sitting, begin to find your seat, as your sit bones connect to the foundation below you and set up tall. If lying down, begin to rock from side to side, finding a comfortable space which eventually guides you to stillness. Once comfortable, begin to bring your awareness to your space.

What is the temperature? What noises are present? begin to notice the breath. What is the quality of the breath? What is the temperature of the breath? What is the pace of the breath. Simply notice these sensations around you. And within you.

Begin to deepen the breath. Inhale through the nose. Exhale, sighing out the mouth. To more breaths like this. inhale through the nose. deep exhale out the mouth. inhale through the nose. Exhale out the mouth. inhale through the nose. Notice the belly and chest rising.

Exhale out the nose. Notice the chest and belly falling. deepening this breath to three counts. Inhale 123 hold. Exhale 321 hold. Inhale 321 hold. Exhale 321 hold. Continue this three part breath at your own pace. Maybe even stringing each breath together. gently bring both hands to the heart.

As you continue to breathe, notice the subtle rise and fall of the heart space. The Heart Chakra, known as the Anahata chakra, in Sanskrit, is the space in which we emanate love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, and is associated with the color green. begin to imagine a green light here in this heart space.

How does it feel? Is it bright? Or dim? Is it extending outward away from the body? Or does this light stay close to the body? Simply noticing this heart space begin to turn inward. Recognizing any thoughts or feelings that may arise? When we think of love, oftentimes we also think of forgiveness.

Do love and forgiveness go hand in hand? How have you approached forgiveness with love and compassion? Has there been a time when you didn’t offer love or compassion with forgiveness?

Taking moment to check in with your heart space, the green light has it changed? Perhaps extending the green light a little further. Take the next several moments to reflect on love and compassion and how they intertwine with forgiveness.

Gently begin to deepen the breath. And once again feel the air and earth around you. taking a few moments to reacquaint yourself. With this moment. Begin to bring small movements to the body.

As you complete your meditation, I invite you to continue to reflect on love and forgiveness in your life. Perhaps by journaling your thoughts or simply by taking a mental note. How did this meditation make you feel? Do you feel different now as compared to before your meditation?

Maybe even asking your own questions to yourself. Take your time as you complete this meditation and go about the rest of your day.

By understanding our relationship with love for both ourselves and others, we can also begin to understand how we can practice compassion, and forgiveness.

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