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Session 10/10


Welcome to the final practice in your meditation for resilience series. Thank you for your commitment to this series. But more importantly, for your commitment to taking care of your well being, and using meditation to build your capacity for resilience.

By working with these 10 minute practices, you have stepped into an act of self love and self care. No matter how you feel, no matter the emotions you’re experiencing today, your practice is a powerfully positive and loving act. So settle into a seated posture for your practice.

You know how to do this now. You know how to move your body into a position that feels supported, supportive and comfortable. You know that your posture today may feel different, or be completely different from the way it was yesterday. And you know, that’s okay. Take your time. You are capable of building resilience, because it’s not something you have to acquire from outside of yourself. But something that already exists within you. Resilience is rooted in the core of your body. Feel the core of the body now. That space in the lower abdomen that we’ve worked closely with during this series.

Notice the strength there. It’s not a hard forceful strength. There’s a softness to it. This powerful source of energy and stability is adaptable rather than rigid. Instead of being unmovable and unchangeable, the core is strong exactly because it can move and it can change. It adapts to support you as you flow through life. Bring the awareness to the breath now. become conscious of each inhale and each exhale.

Then notice that moment at the end of each exhale, the brief pause before the next inhale begins. Before you welcome new breath into the body. First, just notice the pause. Then when you feel ready, allow the pause to become a little longer. While the breath waits outside of the body, the low abdomen space is dark and soft and infinite.

Then new breath arrives. And new breath arrives. A new moment arrives. The moment always passes and a new moment always arrives.

Emotions always pass or fade or simply change. There is hope to be found in the knowledge that nothing stays the same. It can be a difficult kind of knowledge to When we become attached to the present and fearful of change, but accepting that everything changes also builds resilience.

A new moment always comes. return now to the old tree that stands on the top of a hill you’ve stood beside this tree before and felt it solidness. You’ve been sheltered by its strength. But now you are the tree you are the tree that stands on the hill around you a storm swirls wind rushes through your branches and thunder roars overhead hear it and feel it as if it were real, the intensity of the elements all around you and you the tree a steady he you the tree are calm.

You are undisturbed by the intensity your branches bend but you know that you will not break this moment will pass you will continue to stand steady with your roots that connect you to the earth. Take a deep breath in and allow the shoulders to relax the chest expand. Notice that the breath creates more space in the chest. And just as the breath creates more space, there is more space for the breath.

Breathe out and the chest relaxes. You relax the breath returned to a natural rhythm. But you continue to feel more space in the chest. The heart is open. You are open to feeling the power of your experiences and you are capable of feeling it all without fear.

I will speak an affirmation three times now. And I ask that you repeat it with me out loud or silently in your mind. I am open to what comes and confident that I will be okay. I am open to what comes and confident that I will be okay. I am open to what comes and confident that I will be okay.

You feel in the depths of your core that you will get through this time. And when challenges arise in the future, you are capable of moving through them too. And notice the breath notice the space between the eyebrows and then gently lift the right hand And, and placed the middle finger on to that space between the eyebrows.

Feel the connection there and picture the strong tree in your mind. You feel the connection between the fingertip and the brow and you see the tree in your mind. Your practice is complete.

Emotions always pass or fade or simply change. There is hope to be found in the knowledge that nothing stays the same.

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