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Session 8/10


You are growing in resilience all the time. But it doesn’t always feel that way. cultivating resilience is not a linear journey. There will be days when you feel strong and capable of handling anything.

And days when you feel tired and overwhelmed, there will be ups and downs. And that’s because you’re human. It’s not because you’re failing. settle into a comfortable posture for your practice. Notice the parts of the body that are connected with the floor, or the cushion or the chair beneath you.

The weight of the body is supported by the seat burns. The body finds its innate balance the equilibrium of shoulders balanced above pelvis. Neck above shoulders and head above neck. roll the shoulders up and back to release tension. The hands rest on the legs with the palms facing down and take a deep breath. You are arriving in this moment. Whatever has happened in the day so far drops away. And for the next 10 minutes. You are free to let go of everything else and be here in your practice.

Imagine a strong tree that stands at the top of a hill it’s an old tree. Very, very old. It has been weathered and wisened by time. It’s ancient branches twist and intertwine and its trunk best guys from loss and injury in its history.

The oak tree stands perfectly strong and perfectly steady. You stand beside the tree. It’s huge trunk is solid next to you. And you reach out to touch the rough toughened buck.

It’s so strong. And yet there’s a gentleness to it. Its strength is rooted in the earth and rises to the sky.

On the hill it has been hit by wind and lightning by searing sun and endless days of rain. But the strong tree is always calm. Because it knows it has what it needs to remain steady through all of the elements. Through all the seasons of its life. You look up into the branches of the tree. The complexity of its criss crossing twigs and leaves that are green and brown and gold and fresh and old. They are all part of its strength. Even the most fragile new leaf is part of the trees resilience every cell has a role to play in the trees life here your hand touching the back of the tree feels its breath feels life flowing through it and you feel your own breath. You feel life flowing through you. Above the tree, a cloud drifts over. You stand there still and when the rain begins, you are sheltered. drops of water splash to the ground and the tree welcomes them.

It knows how to make use of everything it is given. Defined life and energy in all gifts and to find valuable lessons. valuable insight in all weather. The tree shares its life and energy with you. It shares its strength. You are calm. Your feet rest firmly on the earth. Take a deep breath in and feel the way your body draws energy up from the at exhale and feel the gentle relaxation of muscles and joints as you release as you let go.

Drop the chin forward gently slowly, no rush and move it to the right and begin to draw a large circle with the chin.

The chin moves to the right and up and back to the left and down again. Draw three circles with a chin in a counterclockwise direction.

Then change and draw three circles in a clockwise direction. The neck is relaxed. The slow movement gently releases tension. Their head to attend to stillness at the center again to that place where it balances effortlessly at the top of the body. Sitting as you are and where you are. You are settled on the earth as the strong old tree. You are alive, alert and calm. Gradually you return here to the space you’re in. Become aware of the breath the natural rhythm of the breath become aware Have the palms of the hands resting on the legs and then your practice is complete.

You are growing in resilience all the time. But it doesn’t always feel that way. cultivating resilience is not a linear journey.

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