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Session 01/10


Welcome to the first meditation in the series for a Social Media Detox.

Maybe you have developed some bad habits with your tech and social media. Constantly reacting to every notification, beep, ping, whatever it might be. Rather than skillfully using technology we have become reactive to it, a slave it to. Do you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling or you feel the urge be online in case you miss out on something.  Maybe you find yourself judging yourself compared to the stories and images that other people post. Or you find yourself revisiting the past all too often and not really paying attention to what’s actually happening in the present moment.

We’ve forgotten that it should be us that defines the relationship that we have with tech and the various social media platforms.

So in this gentle practice we are going to use a technique called noting, to help you to be less reactive and create some space and freedom in the mind.

Before we begin make sure you’ve silenced any notifications for devices in the outside world, like your phone, so you can give this your full attention. Don’t fret, they’ll will be there waiting for you when you choose to return.

Sitting comfortably for this.

Whether you are sitting on the floor sitting in a chair today.

Pay attention to your posture.

Making sure your spine is tall and straight.

Settling in with a few rounds of deep breaths.

Breathing in through your nose.

Breathing out through your mouth.

Feeling the body soften as you exhale.

Feeling the weight of your body connecting with the surface beneath you.

Enjoying this moment of pausing.

Of not reacting.

Noticing how the body feels in this moment.

Scanning through the body, checking in with how you feel.

Scanning from the top of your head, down to your toes.

Noticing areas of tension.

Noticing areas of ease.

When your mind wanders off, just bring it back to scanning through the body.

As best you can, observe your general mood; how you feel in your mind.

Without making a judgement, just becoming aware of how things are in this moment, noting and acknowledging.

Then becoming clear about why you are doing this practice today, setting your intention. Maybe not just for yourself but also acknowledging how your practice benefits those around you too.

Becoming aware of the body breathing.

Noticing the inhalation breath.

Noticing the exhalation breath.

Without changing the breath in anyway.

Following the breath.

Watching the natural rhythm of the breath.

When you realize that you are lost in thought.

Notice that your mind has wandered and come back to the breath.

Maybe you can tune into the sound of the breath.

Feel the breath at the nostrils as you inhale and exhale.

Listen to the sounds of nature around you.

When a thought comes up just acknowledge it, and note it, “a thought”.

Then draw your awareness back to the breath.

Noting thoughts with a simple acknowledgement, “a thought”.

Then coming back to the breath.

Training the mind to pause rather than running off down a path of thinking.

Keep coming back to the breath.

Letting go of any focus now.

Let your mind sink, let it wander, let it question, whatever it needs to do.

Bringing your awareness back to your body.

Feeling your body connecting with the surface beneath you.

Pause for a moment and just notice how you feel after your practice.

Notice a feeling of more space in the body now, feeling less reactive and feeling freedom in the mind.

Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you back here for the next meditation.

We’ve forgotten that it’s us that should define the relationship that we have with tech and the various social media platforms.

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