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Session 06/10


Welcome to Day 6 of this series on Social Media Detox.

Ironically, tech and social media can bring people closer to together and yet it can also be a trigger for depression and anxiety.

To maintain your mental health, as a human being, you eventually need face to face contact. You can dramatically boost your mood with real life eye to eye contact with someone who cares about you. So nurturing real-life, in-person relationships is one path to reducing feelings of anxiety and depression.

Today’s practice builds on the foundations we’ve created during this series so far, taking a soft and gentle approach to create some space in the mind and space in the body too.

Being patient with yourself as you find a comfortable seated position.

Settling into this space.

Taking a few rounds of deep breaths.

Breathing in through the nose.

And breathing out through the mouth.

Allowing the mind to relax.

Allowing the body to soften.

Allowing your breath to return to its natural flow.

Setting your intention for your practice today.

Becoming aware of the body in contact with the surface beneath you.

Feeling the support beneath you.

Noticing the sounds around you.

Gently draw your awareness back to your body as you start to scan though the body.

Scanning all the way down to your toes.

Notice how the body feels.

Noticing how the mind feels.

Then becoming more aware of the rise and the fall of the breath.

Noticing the inhalation breath.

And the exhalation breath.

Then when you notice your mind has wandered and it’s become distracted, gently noting whether it’s a thought or a feeling, that might be a sensation or an emotion.

Gently labeling it thought, or labeling it feeling.

No need to follow the thought or the feeling.

No need to attach to it or try to resist it.

Simply noting it.

Letting it go.

And coming back to the breath with non-judgemental awareness.

Staying with this practice and I will hold the space for you.

Gently noting.

Gently labeling “thought” or “feeling”.

Continuing for a few more rounds of breath.

Letting go of any focus now.

Let your mind think, let it wander, let it question, letting it do what it needs to do.

Bringing your awareness back to the body.

Feeling your body connecting with the surface beneath you.

Noticing any sounds around you.

Becoming familiar with your surroundings.

Pause for a moment and notice how you feel after your practice.

Notice in your day when you get caught up in any negative self talk, or any negative feelings and simply be aware of the thought or the feeling and note it. Ah yes, a thought or, a feeling, and then return to what you are doing. The more you practice this, the more of a positive benefit you will realize.

Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you back here for the next meditation.

You can dramatically boost your mood with real life eye to eye contact with someone who cares about you.

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