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Session 4/10


Give yourself permission, now, to find your deeply comfortable posture. You’ve practiced this posture in the meditations earlier in this course; so now it’s becoming easier and easier for you to settle in for Yoga Nidra.

Take your time.


Make any final adjustments you need until you’re completely comfortable.


And then begin to come to the breath.

Work with that same, natural breath as you have done before. All you have to do is become aware of the rhythm of the breath — observing it as it is, rather than trying to change it.

Cultivating awareness of the breath can help you to step into the present moment at any time — not just in your Yoga Nidra or meditation practice.


Allow the breath to bring you to this moment: right here, right now. Whatever else is going on in your life can wait until after your practice. This time is important; these ten minutes will give you the sense of calm you need to flow gently through the day.

Now, just as you did in your last practice, bring your awareness to the whole body.

In this moment you are completely aware of the entire body; and the body is resting peacefully here. Blissfully comfortable.


And then focus your attention on the toes. As you pause the awareness there, notice a cool blue light. It starts in the tips of all the toes and then slowly begins to sweep up, through the feet.

This blue light is cold in temperature, and as it sweeps over the feet, the feet become cold.

The light continues up; over the ankles, and all the way up the legs. The legs become cold.

The blue light keeps going: over the hips, the abdomen and lower back. The waist and the ribcage, and the middle of the back. Up, over the chest and the upper back.

This cool blue light spreads over the shoulders and down the arms, into the hands. Right to the tips of the fingers.

The whole of the torso, and the arms and the hands, are becoming colder.

And that same light moves upwards over the neck; the chin, and the jaw; the face, and over the whole head.

The whole body is glowing with cool, blue light.

And the whole body feels cold.

Can you feel it?

Keep breathing gently. Observe the sensations of coolness, of cold.

Observe, too, if any emotions arise with these sensations of cold. Is it a pleasurable feeling? Do you feel unsettled by the coldness of the body?

There’s no right or wrong. No need to judge any emotions that you feel. But allow yourself to notice them for a moment; and when you’re ready, let them drift away and bring the awareness back to the body.


And now bring the awareness to the very top of the head. Hold the awareness there — practicing the skill of focusing awareness on one part of the body. Just for a moment.

With the awareness there at the top of the head, notice a warm, deep orange light. It starts to shimmer at the crown of the head and then, as if being poured over you, it travels down.

This warm orange light travels down over the head, the face, and the neck. And as it does so, you feel the whole of the head becoming warmer.

The light continues across the shoulders, the arms and hands, and the chest. As though being poured over you it keeps going, down the ribs and the back, the waist, the abdomen. It travels effortlessly over the hips, and you are aware that the whole torso is becoming warm. Perhaps even hot.

The orange light moves down the legs; over the ankles, and down through the feet. Right to the tips of the toes.

Even the tips of the toes are warm.

You become aware of the whole body and you feel that the whole body is becoming warmer and warmer; alight with orange heat.


You may feel, now, a bit too hot.

How does it feel?

Again — notice the sensations. Observe the thoughts and emotions that arise. There’s no need for judgement — nothing that you think or feel is wrong.

Allow yourself to be in this moment. In this experience. Feeling this warmth; this heat. Too hot.


And then the heat eases. The body returns to a comfortable, cosy temperature — neither too hot nor too cold.

The whole body is comfortable.


And breathe here for a few more moments. Enjoy the balance of temperature. The ease of lying still, here, with nothing to do.

Rest comfortably until you hear my voice [OR BELL?]

Now, allow a few deep, nourishing breaths into the lungs. Deep, full inhales and long exhales.

Your practice is complete. Start to ease the body back into movement by wiggling the toes and fingers. And in your own time — no rush — lift the arms overhead for a long stretch from the feet to the hands.

Blink your eyes open when you feel complete.

Cultivating awareness of the breath can help you to step into the present moment at any time — not just in your Yoga Nidra or meditation practice.

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