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Session 8/10


Welcome back to your Yoga Nidra practice.

Now, take your time to get comfortable. Return to your supine position. The legs are wide with the feet dropping out to the sides. The arms are wide with the palms facing up to the ceiling.

Remember that you can make any adjustments you need to in order to be completely comfortable; take your time.


And then when you’re ready, start to notice the breath. With consistent practice, bringing the awareness to the breath can start to feel like coming home. It becomes a way to ground yourself in any situation. A way to remind yourself of your existence in this physical body. A tool for finding perspective.

Noticing the breath during your meditation practice allows you to cultivate this ability organically. Gradually, you’ll find that you begin to automatically connect with your breath as a way to center yourself in other areas of your life.

Keep noticing the breath. There’s no need to control it. No need to direct it, or change it in any way. Just notice.


Start to move the awareness from the breath into the mouth. Notice the teeth. Become aware of the roof of the mouth. And then notice the tongue.

With the awareness resting here on the tongue, bring to mind the taste of an apple — or another fruit, if you don’t like the taste of apple. Imagine that you’ve just bitten into that fruit and its sweetness is exploding in your mouth; on your tongue.

You can really taste the fruit.


Now, bring the awareness to the right hand. Notice the tips of the fingers; the whole of the fingers. Notice the back of the hand, and the palm of the hand.

Without moving your physical body, imagine reaching that hand out to touch a soft blanket. As your fingers and then your palm come into contact with the blanket you enjoy its flawless softness. Its coziness.

You can really feel the blanket.


Notice the nose. Hold the awareness right at the tip of the nose for a few moments. Nothing to do — just noticing.

Complete awareness of the tip of the nose.

And then imagine that in your right hand, you’re holding a fresh basil leaf — or another herb, if you don’t like the smell of basil. Imagine that you move your left hand to meet the right and you tear this leaf in half so that its aroma is free and strong.

You lift the torn leaf to your nose and inhale deeply.

You can really smell the herb.


Now, bring the awareness to the ears. Notice both of the ears.

And then take your awareness to any sounds that you can hear outside this room.

Perhaps the loud, human sounds of a city or town. Maybe the sounds of nature in a village or in the countryside. Wherever you are, and whatever sounds you can hear — notice them.

Allow them to be there. If you’re often disturbed or distracted by sounds, this is an opportunity to accept them. To weave them into your practice of relaxation.

You are completely aware of the sounds outside this room.


Call the awareness back into the body. Notice the eyes. And then the darkness behind the eyelids.

Focus the attention here: on this dark, peaceful space. The eyes are closed and the body is relaxed. And the darkness behind the eyelids is huge. It’s expansive. It goes on forever — the depth of this darkness is incredible.

Notice any colors you see here. Any shapes that form and change behind the eyelids. Any impressions of light; and dancing images that flicker into your consciousness of that darkness.

Be here.

In this space.

When thoughts come into the mind, give them a moment of your attention. Notice them. Allow them to exist, and then allow them to move on. As you let each thought drift away, bring your awareness back to the darkness behind the eyes. Again and again.

Breathing gently. Keep the awareness here, in this deep, dark space, for a few more moments.


And gently start to let the awareness grow and travel across the whole body.

You’re becoming more skillful at directing your awareness, now. Make the conscious decision to become aware of the whole body. As it is.

And as you notice the whole body, allow yourself to feel love and gratitude towards the body.

Give yourself permission to love this body and acknowledge the work that it does every day.

Still breathing gently, in a natural rhythm.


And then start to welcome deeper breaths back into the body.

Your practice is complete.

Start to wiggle the fingers and the toes to bring movement back to the body. And then take the arms overhead for a long stretch from the heels to the hands.

Take your time; and blink your eyes open whenever you’re ready.

Gradually, you’ll find that you begin to automatically connect with your breath as a way to center yourself in other areas of your life.

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