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Session 7/10


As always, to start your practice, take the time to get really comfortable. Return to that position in which you can totally relax.

And make any adjustments you need.


When you’re ready, come to the breath.

How is the breath? Does it feel the same as it did last time you paid attention to it? Or different? Can you feel the effects of whatever’s been happening recently in the rhythm of your breath?


Now, take a deep breath through the nose — fill the belly up with the breath, as much as you can. And then sigh the breath out through the mouth.

[Speaker sighs]

Again, a deep breath in through the nose and sigh it out through the mouth.

[Speaker sighs]

One more time.

[Speaker sighs]

And then let go of control of the breath. Allow it to return to a natural rhythm.


Become aware of the whole body. Start at the tips of the toes and allow the awareness to travel slowly upwards. You notice the feet; the legs; the hips. The awareness continues up until you have a peaceful consciousness of the entire torso, from the lower abdomen and lower back right up to the tops of the shoulders.

Become aware of the arms and the hands — right to the tips of the fingers. The neck, and the head.

Notice the jaw; and allow the jaw to be soft. Notice the forehead, and allow the forehead to be smooth.

You are completely aware of the whole body.

The whole body is relaxed.


Bring the awareness now to the space in between the eyebrows.

That small space which doesn’t receive much attention in day-to-day life.

Can you feel it? Do you feel any sensations there? Can you feel the temperature there?

Perhaps, as you notice it, the forehead relaxed even more and that space between the eyebrows becomes just a little wider.


Now, allow your imagination to create the image of a bird. Let this happen slowly — no need for force. It doesn’t have to look a certain way — any bird that appears in your mind’s eye is the right one for this practice.

The bird sits quietly on the branch of a tree high on a hill, observing the world.

Your bird might be huge, with expansive wings and a long beak. It might be small. It could be any color. It might be familiar — a bird you’ve seen in the physical world — or it might be unlike any bird you’ve ever seen before.

There’s no right or wrong.


Keep your awareness with the bird. It’s still sitting there, on the branch. The sky is blue but fading to dusk; the night is not far away.

Notice the eyes of the bird. They’re wise, and calm. You feel calm, too.


And then allow the bird to fly. It spreads its wings and takes off from the branch with incredible grace.

It soars out over the hill, and when its wings catch a current of air it cruises there, allowing itself to be carried.

When that wind current is gone, the bird beats its wings and flies higher.


Imagine, now, that instead of watching the bird, you are one with the bird. You feel the wind in your wings. You see the turning earth as you soar high.

Colors blur into each other; shapes are indistinct.

And you are free. You are peaceful. You are safe.


Allow the bird to return to that branch of that tree, high on the hill.

Landing softly.

Observing from this quiet place, again.


And gently start to come back to the body, lying here in deep relaxation.

Come back to complete awareness of the whole body.

The body is at ease. No tension. No effort.

You are completely aware of the whole body.


Notice the breath. That easy, natural rhythm.


And then, just as you did at the start of this practice, take a deep inhale through the nose and sigh the breath out through the mouth. Just once.

[Speaker sighs]

Let go of control of the breath.

Start to move the fingers and toes — tiny movements. Very slow.

Your practice is complete.

In your own time — no rush — take the arms overhead for a long stretch from the feet to the hands. And then draw the knees in towards the chest: hug them close. You might rock gently from side to side, waking up the lower back.

Blink your eyes open when you’re ready.

Become aware of the whole body. Start at the tips of the toes and allow the awareness to travel slowly upwards.

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