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Session 3/10


Welcome – to this place and time of rest, and ease. Giving yourself this time to find the balance – between doing, and resting. Between day, and evening. Beginning to let the day go – to let any concerns or unfinished things, go. And moving into a space where all that matters is the body and the breath – as you relax, here in these beautiful surroundings. And if you like, you can choose to listen to my voice leading you into sleep, and dream. Allowing yourself to begin to let time slow down. And bringing your attention to your breath. Just your breath.


Because when there is too much on your mind – too much going on – you may have found it hard to stay centered. To stay calm. You may have found it a challenge to keep your emotions in check. So just know – that in taking this time for yourself – in these peaceful surroundings – you will be able to stay more grounded and centered. You’ll be able to handle challenging situations with ease. Because you are letting go of anxiety – and letting yourself experience peace and stillness.

Tomorrow, you will find it easier to respond to situations, instead of reacting to them. So I hope you’ll let yourself feel good about your choice, now, to spend this time – just drifting. And letting concerns, and anxiety, go.

Focusing on your breath. And begin by just relaxing your eyes. Letting your eyelids, and the area to each side of your eyes, relax. And you may want to close your eyes – or you may choose to keep them open, and close them whenever you’re ready.

Breathing, and letting your stomach rise and fall with each deep breath. Deep breath tells your body, and your mind – everything is OK. Everything is fine right now. Letting the breath loosen any tight places in your body, and releasing that tension on the out breath. Relaxation covering you – like a warm light, bathing you in relaxation.

Now, if you will – imagine your breath filling your belly, about two inches below your navel. And from that place– filling your blood with oxygen. And that oxygen traveling out, spreading out to every part of your body. In your mind’s eye, or sensing the energy of this oxygenated blood, imagine it at the base of your spine, moving up your spine, to your neck and head, and then back down again. Over and over again with each breath.

Like water in a creek – that carries away bits of wood and sand, in the same way it’s carrying away any tension in your body. Your body and mind coming into harmony together, in relaxation and ease.

So that each time you take a deep, cleansing breath, peace and serenity and calm fill your mind. Your body. With all negative thoughts just – drifting away, like smoke, or fog. Just dissipating into the air, so easily. You can imagine your breath dissolving all unwanted thoughts and tensions – like hot water, dissolving a sugar cube. As though you’re watching them melting away – there. They are gone –

And as you continue to breathe, and dissolve anything unwanted, anything you are ready to release – if you like, you can listen to my voice, and I’ll tell you about something you did – just a few moments ago – here in this beautiful setting you’ve chosen. A way for you to choose deep rest, and sleep.

Anchor phrase: “sleep that comes easily … restfully”

Because you can – you can choose deep rest and sleep. You can enter into this remembrance I’m about to tell you –  and let it lead you to the sleep that is just right for you, right now. And you can choose to enter into deep sleep, by listening to my voice – right now, you can choose to fall into deep sleep when you hear me say the words: “Sleep that comes easily … restfully.” If you’d like to experience such rest, tonight – you can commit, right now, to falling into a deep, restful sleep when you hear me say those words. And it will be so.

Body of meditation: Garden of sleep

And it may surprise you that just moments ago – a bit of time ago, it’s hard to tell time here – but some time ago – you chose this beautiful landscape that you’re experiencing now, with your eyes, or in your imagination. And as you entered into it – maybe you remember this, or maybe it was only a dream – and I don’t know that it really matters – you found that there were little hidden areas all around. Almost like a game of hide and seek – and each area, tucked away, held something that helps you sleep, deeply and restfully. There were all kinds of things. You wandered from place to place – and tucked behind a growing thing, or a fountain or rock – whatever you find here that you might want to hide behind – hidden away, were restful things.

Do you remember what you found? Things that were for you, and other things that were not – in one place, restful music. In another, a sound to help you sleep, of music or falling water. In another the very most perfect bed – just big enough, just soft enough. In another, a bed of kittens, fast asleep –

Do you remember? If you don’t it doesn’t matter. You can remember what you would have found – what would you find, in such a garden? What are the perfect things to help you sleep? Take some time, and let all your senses answer you – what do you want to hear, touch, smell, feel to help you get the perfect night’s sleep? (pause)

The garden of sleep is not very far away. Maybe you can hear the music from it – it is music that leads you into sleep. And so you may find yourself becoming drowsier and drowsier. Sleepier and sleepier.

Affirmation: rested, able to respond instead of react

Tomorrow, you will wake refreshed and rested – and able to meet all challenges from a grounded place of ease. Able to know what you feel, and learn from that understanding – at the same time that you can make choices about how you respond, to every situation.

But for now, just letting yourself continue to drift …. Down.  Gently and naturally into a deep, restful sleep. Knowing that as you sleep, your subconscious will review your day, and it will begin to make all the changes you’ve asked for. And you need make no effort at all. You need not even be aware. When you awaken in the morning, fully rested and feeling wonderful, you will easily change beliefs …. And attitudes … and behaviors… so easily.  As easily and naturally as breath.

But for now just drift, and embrace a sense of well-being, as you gently shift from waking self into sleeping self. Finding that the more you imagine you are soundly asleep, the more soundly asleep you fall. Feeling comfortable, protected, at peace.

Anchor phrase to end: Sleep that comes easily … restfully

Continuing to drift – and sink into perfect sleep and dream – sleep that comes easily. Restfully.

Because when there is too much on your mind – too much going on – you may have found it hard to stay centered. To stay calm.

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