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#1 Forked Path Script

And now it’s time to let the day go – to move from a place of doing to a place of deep relaxation – and even, if you choose – to allow yourself to drift off into sleep.


Listening to this recording will help you unwind… relax … and prepare you for sleep. And sleep helps you think more clearly, and focus – so it’s good you’re making an effort to give yourself a great night’s sleep – and you’ll see the results of that tomorrow, when your mind is rested and focused, and clear.

So I hope you’ll let yourself pat yourself on the back, a bit, for making this effort. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Let’s start – by getting into bed, and getting absolutely comfortable. Turn the lights down, or off. Take a little extra time to get the pillows just right, to support your head and neck. Get the covers just the way you like them – so you’re warm, but not too warm. Nestle down into the bed – and then let yourself begin to relax. Can you feel the support of the bed, under you? You might just let yourself sink into that support. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Relaxation: body and mind

And as you sink into the bed, and into rest – take a long, slow, deep breath. Really fill up your lungs, and even let your stomach round out, a bit. And when you can’t take in any more air – just let the breath go, and exhale every bit of air you can. There. You might notice how relaxing that feels. If you’re willing, take another deep breath like that again. Filling up your lungs, gently – and then letting all that breath go. And as you let it go, and exhale – letting your day go, with it. Letting it all go. Because it’s time for bed, now. And time to be done with doing. Time to just breathe … and relax … and sink into rest.

And as a way to let the day go – just let yourself think about breathing, and your breath. Just thinking about your breath, and nothing more. You don’t have to breathe in any way that’s special. After all – you’ve been breathing since the day you were born. You can just let your breath be any way it is, naturally. And notice how the breath feels. How it feels on your upper lip – how it feels as it fills your lungs. And noticing – how it’s easy to relax more every time you let your breath go.

Just letting the day go. Letting each breath you take relax you a little bit more. A little more with every breath.

And if you find yourself thinking of something you need to do tomorrow – or any other random thought – that’s fine. You can just imagine – that you are taking that thought and pinning it to a cloud. As though there’s a cloud that’s floating past you – or perhaps you’re looking at a sky of clouds – and you just pin that thought to the cloud, and let it go on its way. While you return your attention to your breath.

You know – your breath can help you relax in another way. If there’s a part of you that isn’t comfortable – your neck or chest, or any part of you – you can imagine your next breath going right to that part of your body. And just imagine the breath making more space there. The same way it makes more space in your chest, when you breathe deeply. Making more space in your neck or chest, or anywhere that is a bit uncomfortable. And bringing relaxation and ease.

You can do that with every breath. Sending your breath to any part of your body that needs a little extra attention. Giving yourself all the time you need to get absolutely relaxed … completely … at ease. And while you do that – while you pay attention to your breath, and your body, and what your body needs – if you want to listen to my voice, I’ll tell you a story. It’s a story you are in.

Anchor phrase: “relaxing sleep and dream”

Because sometimes, a story is a good way to begin to fall asleep. A good way to begin to fall into deep sleep, and dream. And in fact – if you want, you can decide – right now – that you’ll follow the story into sleep. If you want, right now, you can decide that when you hear me say the words “relaxing sleep and dream” – that’s when you’ll fall deeply asleep, and sleep until you’re ready to wake again. You can choose to do that, right now – you can tell yourself that yes, you’ll fall asleep when you hear me say those words. Because you’d like to fall into a deep sleep, wouldn’t you?

Body of meditation: Forked Path

But for now, here is a story for you. For you to listen to, as you continue to breathe … and relax. And let the day go. And let your mind drift. And listening to this story – all the choices are yours. You can choose to close your eyes – because it’s so easy to relax, and slip into a story, with your eyes closed. Or you can choose to keep your eyes open, and relax as you enjoy the beautiful setting, this connection with nature.

Here, in this beautiful place you’ve chosen – you are walking on a path that moves through the landscape. And you can take a moment, now, to fully experience this setting. What kind of day is it? You get to decide that, too, as you continue to breathe and let yourself relax a little more. Whether it’s a warm day, with the sun on your skin – or maybe it’s even twilight, with the sun beginning to set, and as you move along this path, it may be the sun sets, and night comes. You get to decide. (pause) Maybe there’s a breeze here, or maybe it’s still. (pause) And you are walking on this path. And if you want, you can let yourself feel how the ground feels, under your feet.

And ahead, approaching the horizon, the path splits into two paths. One path goes up a little, and the other path – the other path curves a little and disappears around the curve.

And again – you get to choose. Which path will you take? The path that curves leads right away to deep, relaxing sleep. It takes you to a place where you are even more relaxed than you are right now. And where you fall asleep quickly – falling into a deep, comforting sleep. So relaxed and easy.

Affirmation: awake rested, to clarity and focus

And here’s the thing – the other path, the one that goes up a little and then continues on – it takes you into sleep more slowly. It gently lets you become more relaxed, with every breath. And slowly sink, and drift, into sleep. So you see – you can take either path you want. Because both end up in a place of deep sleep. A place where you get just the right amount of sleep, and just the right amount of dream. Where you wake whenever you are ready – wake rested, and at ease. With a clear mind. Ready to move into your day, with clarity and focus.

But for now, you can just choose a path to take. Or if you like – you can stay here, where the path splits. And think about which path to sleep – you’d rather take.

Anchor phrase to end

Continuing to breathe, and to notice your breath – as you feel a gentle drifting feeling.  Recognizing that you can choose to fall into deep sleep – now, or any time you choose. You are very good at sleeping deeply – restfully. Sinking into sleep, so easily. Relaxing sleep – and dream.

It’s good you’re making an effort to give yourself a great night’s sleep - and you’ll see the results of that tomorrow, when your mind is rested and focused, and clear.

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