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Session 7/10


This simple mindfulness meditation will help you learn to simply be and to look within yourself when you need to escape feelings of anxiety or search for answers to what is troubling you. Allow yourself to start to switch of from feelings of constantly needing to do and think to a state of simply being present. Allow yourself to fully be here in this moment, rather than exploring the mind for thoughts of what has already happened, or what is to come. Allow your body to become still and simply bring your attention to the fact that you are breathing. Become aware of the movement of your breath as it comes into your body through the nose, and as it leaves your body through the nose. Don’t try to change the breath in any way. Simply be aware of it, and the feelings and movement in the body associated with breathing.

Observe the breath deep down in your belly. Feel your belly expand and tighten gently on the in breath. And notice as it softens back towards your spine on the out breath. Allow yourself to witness each breath you will find that at times your mind will wander off into thoughts, fantasies anticipations of the future or past. If you find that your mind wanders as it may naturally want to do, simply gently guide your thoughts back to the breath. Bring your awareness now to sensations of the body. Feel into your body. Become aware of all the sensations in your body, right from the crown of your head down into your toes. Try to notice whatever feelings and sensations arise without judging them without reacting to them. Just being fully here, fully aware of whatever you’re experiencing. Perhaps you feel a heaviness in your belly and gentle tugging in your call. Maybe you can feel movement as your little one wriggles inside of you.

Again, while practicing this awareness of the body, you may find that the mind again wanders off. Just bring it back to your breathing and to your body. Simply notice moment to moment, being fully present in the here and now. being fully present with yourself. As you sit here with awareness of the body and the breath, start to also allow your awareness to include your thoughts as they flow through your mind as well. Allow your awareness of the mind to become your focus. Watch as thoughts move through your mind. Make knowledge acknowledge them, and then let them pass you by without getting involved or following them deeper. As the thoughts arise, let them rest in the stillness of your awareness. Observe them without feeling like you are then simply be the witness. If you find yourself at any point being drawn into the thoughts, come back to your breath as an anchor. Notice again the physical sensations of the breathing, the rise and the fall of your belly and chest. Start to notice now if any of your thoughts feel charged with emotion, perhaps thoughts that arise bring with them fear or anxiety, maybe sadness, even joy and happiness. Notice the emotions that arise with the thoughts. Feel where you notice these sensations in the body and then let them go. simply observe the thoughts and emotions without judgment. Without creating opinions, simply notice them and then watch them fall away. Notice that for Moment to moment, new thoughts will come and go. Stay in this space of total awareness of the breath, the body, the thoughts and the emotions for as long as you feel comfortable. Remember that whenever the mind wanders, the breath is your tool to come back to awareness as we start to draw our meditation to an end, and bring your awareness back into your body. Let’s take a moment here in gratitude for what our amazing bodies are doing in this moment, nurturing and growing a child.

As you move back into your day, try to bring the benefits of this practice into other aspects of your life. bring awareness and presence into your relationships, your interactions with people throughout your day. And in the way you approach your pregnancy and transition into motherhood. Come back to the present moment as often as you can to fully experience life as it exists right now. Try not to jump forward into the future anticipating and expecting us the present moment awareness to appreciate the beauty of what exists right here in front of you.

And know that you can come back to this meditation practice whenever you need to remind yourself.

Simply notice moment to moment, being fully present in the here and now, being fully present with yourself.

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