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Session 6/10


Let’s start our meditation today by settling our body comfortably into your seat or position that your lieing. Let your breathing become slow and deep. And allow your body to start to sink and relax. As you breathe in, notice the whole lungs filling with each breath. Breathe deeply into the low belly. Fill the side ribs, and breathe right to the top of the chest as well holding the lungs full for a moment. And then slowly exhaling. Remind yourself that it is time to relax each time you breathe out. Exhale and soften into this moment right here. Exhale and be peacefully aware of your body, your growing belly and your breath. Exhale and choose to completely relax today. Continue this deep inhale and exhale until you feel ready to begin our visualization together.

Imagine your body floating gently in the ocean. Notice as the gentle currents shifts and rocks your body from side to side. Feel the warm sun heating your skin. And imagine how This contrasts with the comfortable coal of the water. Notice that you can smell the salt in the air and feel the fresh taste of seawater in your mouth. You feel light, weightless and nourished by the salt water and sunlight. watches the waves roll gently in towards you from the vast expanse of water. They pick up your body and lift it high so that your feet lift up from the sand and then gently place you back down as the wave passes you and rolls on. Your body is weightless and movement is effortless as you float and rise with each way. Notice that behind you can see the crashing waves on the shoreline and keep your breathing and awareness steady to make sure you stay where the waves are rolling and you feel completely safe and relaxed. You know that if you stay in this part of the ocean where it is calm, and you keep your breathing long and deep that you can stay here in natural rhythm with the ocean.

You start to notice the sensations in your belly gently contracting and releasing. Focus your breath breathing deeply into the belly as the skin tightens and softening the belly on the exhale. Breathing in as if your belly was a balloon and filling it with air and breathing out completely letting the belly soften. You notice that the belly is contracting and releasing in time with the rhythm of the waves. As you breathe in and out with the rising sensations within you, you notice that you are also rising up with the wave. The wave is picking you up and lifting you high. You follow effortlessly as you know that on the other side of the wave is relief from these powerful sensations within you.

As the sensations gradually increase in power and size, so to the waves as well. The size of the waves don’t frighten you however, because you can always see the top and you know that on the other side is the relief that you’re waiting for. You continue to breathe deeply, your eyes fixed on the top of the wave. As the sensations build in intensity, willing yourself over each wave and finding relief each time. Below lower body remains relaxed and weightless as the water continues to support you. You can tend to follow the rise and fall of each wave and the sensations within you as they build in intensity. Your breath keeps you calm and relaxed and your focus on the top of the wave continues to remind you of the relief you will find on the other side. Your body opens and releases in perfect rhythm and with ease.

Continue practicing this deep belly breathing in time with the visualization of the way for as long as you need. If you find that you get distracted and your thoughts wander, simply come back to the breath, trying to lengthen each exhalation out. Keep focused on softening and relaxing, particularly the upper body as we often hold the shoulders and neck tight when we’re feeling stress. If you can soften through the jaw, the neck, the shoulders and the upper back, you’ll often find that the lower body will also follow.

So to allow your breathing to return to its natural rhythm now. Bring your awareness back into your body at this present moment. Letting the visualizations start to fall away. Feel into your fingers and toes and breathe length into your spine. Draw your shoulders back and down and create length in the chest. Take your time returning today. Know that you can return to this visualization whenever you need when stress arises. But particularly during labor when you feel that the waves of contractions are crashing into you rather than lifting and supporting you towards meeting your baby. Know that you have the power to ride these waves smoothly and calmly by staying with the breath and allowing your body to open and release with ease. When you’re ready to conclude our meditation today, slowly bring yourself back to the body and return to your day.

Bring your awareness back into your body at this present moment. Letting the visualizations start to fall away.

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