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Session 8/10


Let’s start by finding a comfortable position to sit or lie. Settle yourself into your position and get as comfortable as you can. Start by bringing awareness to your breath. Don’t try to control it. Simply watch its natural rhythm. Follow the slow rise and fall of the belly and just focus your eyes on a single spot in front of you. Eventually, notice that the eyes become heavy and relax. Allow the whole body to soften into relaxation with each exhalation. Notice that each time you breathe out, the weight of your body draws you further and further into your position. Notice that it feels like your body is falling asleep. As your mind stays completely alert and relax.

We’re going to practice a visualization together. I’m going to ask you to imagine yourself at the top of a staircase. It doesn’t matter what the stairs look like, just focus on the first image that comes to mind. Picture yourself standing at the very top step holding on to the rail. As we move through this visualization, I will be asking you to imagine yourself moving down this staircase. And with each step, you’ll be moving further and further into relaxation.

Eventually, you will find your way all the way down into a deep relaxation where you will find complete peace. As I count you down from 10 imagine yourself moving down the stairs step by step 10. With each step you move down your body becomes more and more relax.

Nine your body starts to feel heavy and sleepy. A with each step your body drops further into a state of total relaxation.

Seven, any tension in the body has completely gone now.

Six, you feel safe and secure.

Five, your body feels warm and totally relax.

Four, your breathing is deep and follows a natural rhythm.

Three, your body and baby are both feeling totally relaxed and peaceful too. There is no pressure or fear in this place of total relaxation.

One, rest here in deep relaxation. We’re going to begin to return from this relaxed state now slowly wake the body back up. Before we start, notice how peaceful and relaxed you feel in this space. Notice that the body is free of any tension and the mind is completely clear of any anxiety or fear. Know that you can come back to this space whenever you need by simply counting yourself down again. Or perhaps asking someone you love to do the same for you. I am going to begin counting you back from one to 10 this time, imagine You are stepping your way back up to the top of the staircase. Notice that your body becomes lighter and more alert with each count. There is no strain to your movements back to the top of the stairs. You carry the peace and grace that you found in deep relaxation with you.

One, you feel some sensation in your fingers and toes return to you deepen your breathing and breathe energy into all parts of your body.

Three, notice that the body starts to feel lighter now. Four, start to bring your conscious mind back.

Five, Notice as your awareness of the room returns. Six. As your body starts to wake Be aware that tension and fear is still absent.

Seven, your body feels light and energetic now. You may like to start moving or stretching gently ate. Notice that your body feels totally awake now.

Nine, return your breathing to its natural rhythm. Then, when you’re ready, you can slowly return.

Continue deep breathing for as long as you need, filling the body with energy through the breath until you’re ready to end your meditation today.

And with each step, you'll be moving further and further into relaxation.

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