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Session 4/10


Bring an easy rhythm to your breath. Allow your body to soften into whatever position you’re currently in. allow your body to feel heavy. Notice where your body touches the floor or your seat, and with each exhalation allow your body to sink and rest further and further into your position. Breathe in for 4321 and out 4432 and one. Continue these long deep breaths as you allow the body to sink and relax.

Breathe in for 4321 and out for 432 and one breathe in for 4321. Breathe out for three to one. Eventually, your whole body feels so relaxed and heavy on the floor that you feel like you couldn’t move it if you tried. Because the body is so relaxed. You can move your thoughts away from the physical body for a time and focus instead on what’s going on in the mind.

Allow your mind to follow the visualization as I describe it to you. Imagine yourself sitting by a body of water. It could be a lake or ocean, a river or a stream. See the water moving slowly. Notice the ripples across the surface as a gentle wind blows cooling on your skin. Your body feels warm and cozy in contrast to the cool breeze. Notice that you can smell the gentle sea mist in the air. Everything feels fresh, vibrant and alive. You can hear insects chirping their song in the background.

And notice that it comes you to think that you too are a part of this natural world. It feels like they are singing especially for you. You become aware of the moon’s reflection on the water and as you glance up you see the moon full and bright. Notice the contrast of the moon’s bright round shape compared to the endless black of the sky that surrounds it. You stand and start to walk into the water. Feeling pleasantly surprised by its warmth on this call night. You weighed in slowly. First the water laps at your ankles, easing your swollen feet. You walk further in and the sand feels cool under foot. You continue to walk all the way into the water until you are completely submerged. You notice that the heaviness that you felt before has completely disappeared. You feel weightless and free in the water. Your body feels live and content as you move about. You allow your body to float on the water bathed in a soft light of the moon. Your round belly peaks above the water as the rest of you is deeply supported. Imagine the shape of your body as you float on the water. You notice that the curves of your belly are as perfect and as natural as the moon. Notice how when bathed in her light you feel completely at peace. You feel connected to the moon. It’s cycles and this season of your life.

If you feel connected to the water, the insects and animals that you can hear around you, and even the entire natural world. In this moment, you know that you have been perfectly created. You know that your body is perfectly formed, that your body is doing exactly what it is designed to do, growing large and full and heavy to carry this beautiful baby of yours. A deep sense of peace washes over you as you come to know your connection with the world around you. You realize just like everything else in the natural world, unfolds exactly as it should. So to will your life as well. You just have to release, trust and let go. You enjoy this silence in the moonlight. And this feeling of complete surrender as you just listen to the sound of your own breath. Breathing in for 4321 and breathing out for 4321 following this rhythm in your own mind now, perhaps even repeating these numbers to yourself if you need to keep the mind focused and present.

Let’s start to bring our awareness back to our body. deepen your breathing, feeling your lungs feel with every breath. As you fill the lungs right to the top of the chest. Notice how an energy and lightness is returning to your body as well. Allow this energy to move around the body, stretching all the way out to your fingers and to your toes. When you feel able to start to feel the physical sensations of the body returning, feel into the arms and the legs. Maybe even taking small movements to awaken the body if you need. Take your own time to return to the body into your day. breathing deeply and taking this mindful awareness with you out into your day.

If you feel connected to the water, the insects and animals that you can hear around you, and even the entire natural world.

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