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Session 8/10


Welcome. In this practice will work on fine tuning our awareness of breath. So come to a comfortable seat.

Shift back and do a naturally neutrally stacked spine. Close your eye sir, keep your gaze low and soft. Let’s take a breath and to grow a little taller through the top of our head. With a thigh out, soften the shoulders, soften the belly and then seal your lips. Breathe in and out through your nose and move towards a long patient gentle breath is our breathing gets finer, more subtle more relax. We pair that with a softening a slowing down relaxing of the mind.

Stay for a moment watching the breath. Notice the quality of the breath as a reflection of the state of mind and vice versa. Clear mind calm breath, neither one comes first. The mind the breath are connected. The mind riding along on the breath.

And as we loosely spaciously zero in on the quality of breath and mind we seek a sensation of neutrality. If the mind is agitated, we may find ourselves breathing with force. We may hear the breath as loud or uneven. Or we may try to fight against the mind by tightening around our awareness of breath. Squeezing too hard grasping to breath. If we notice any of this we soften.

We give space. We can work with returning to a gentle breath. Give space to the mind.

Or we can work with placing space between thought and our awareness of thought and distance between what is distracting, agitating the mind and the watcher of that distraction that agitation and then notice how inviting in that distance changes the breath. We return to a gentle quiet, unhurried abroad it’s possible we slip into such a deep ease that we find ourselves forgetting breath. forgetting all outs as well as spacing out or a feeling of dullness and fog too to correct. We remember that the goal is not to escape. Not to forget not to sleep. The goal is to notice, stay clear. Stay away. Sharpen awareness of breath. seek greater detail in each breath in each breath out or in perhaps a smaller and more singular point of focus the breath as you feel it in one microscopic point of the body. the very tip of the nose direct your awareness to that one spot.

Stay on breath. Stay with the focus, the attention to breath that your body your mind needs right here.

Right now, perfectly fine tuned awareness of breath.

Not too tight, not too loose. Not to dwell not too sharp. We stay aware of what the body and the mind need by staying fully in the present moment. fully open and awake to whatever arises with this one breath in. This one breath out. And even in our correcting we stay as open a neutral as possible. We allow the fine tuning of the mind to occur freely. Simultaneous with the noticing we fine tune without paths. Without commentary. Without judgment.

We move towards an awareness of breath that is perfectly balance. perfectly fine to like the strings on a guitar not too tight, not too loose. The beauty The music is in the balance. We continue staying present the mind on the breath returning to the correcting the noticing as many times as we need to. When we finish on a good three perfectly patient and fine tune the cycles of breath and then the eyes flutter open. gaze up and around the room.

Still in our seat for a moment, embracing the bliss of a quieter mind. And as we move around as we move into our day, we make a small commitment to carry that bliss with us. For as long as we possibly can.

We stay aware of what the body and the mind need by staying fully in the present moment.

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