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Session 7/10


Let’s begin by wiggling into a comfortable seat. If you’re in a chair, put your feet on the ground. Shift back slightly into a long, neutral spine. Eyes closed or the gaze low and soft. Breathe as gently as possible in and out through your nose. Open our practice by spending a few moments sensing into the body. Beginning with the areas that are touching down to ground inviting sensation. Notice if there’s any way in which the body is speaking to you. If you notice nothing that’s okay to know seeking just an open invitation to physical sensation. From the feet or the sits bones, notice the energy into the thigh.

The belly, the torso, scan through the energy of the shoulders, the shoulders release, arms, the fingertips loose. And then check in with energy around the throat, the jaw the head. Use this attention this awareness to the physical body to what seems solid to assist you with arriving fully in the here and now. And then anchor the mind loosely, gently to a continued awareness of this body and your breath.

As we focus on the body on the breath. The goal is not to rid ourselves completely from thoughts and emotion. thoughts and emotions are a natural part of the energy of body and mind and they will arrive and they will equally move on. We can use thoughts and in this session emotion as tools for mindfulness within our meditation. At its deepest, most profound level, the mind is clear, spacious and free. We could visualize the mind as a clear blue sky or the expansive ocean. from the sky or from this ocean. rises in energy that gives shape to cloud still weather gives shape to the way and whether our emotions are happy or sad or angry or full of desire. our emotions are not solid. They are not permanent. They pass through like clouds in the sky or like a wave on the ocean.

You use, you are the blue sky itself or the entirety of the ocean.

For sensing one emotion with a particular strength today we can use that in our meditation. If we notice an emotion of love, compassion, empathy, we want to cultivate that. Notice where in your body feel that loving emotion and feel into that space as if you are opening into it. And let that emotion that space expand. Smile on it. Hold your mind without word. And that feeling of love that sensation of love. Let it move through your body and let it move through your breath.

And if we notice an emotion we label as negative, let’s equally move towards it. Not with words. Not by asking why. But with sensation with a bodily physical sensation. Where do you feel this emotion in your body? Has it changed your posture? Your comfort? Your physical e? Has the emotion altered your study? gentle breath? Does the emotion come with a taste a smell a temperature or a sound?

Feel and do each of these questions with an open spacious quality. Allow the answers to arise not by thinking it through but by sensing. Feeling. get curious about what it get curious about the seeming solidity of this emotion. As we stay the witness to this particular emotion do we see it change?

Move does it take on different shapes can we begin to break down it’s solid in this Can we see it not as my emotion not as me. But as something separate. Something we can view from a distance. And in this separation when this movement of energy, the change of shape.

Can we give the emotion the space it needs to dissipate. We give the emotion that way. The space it needs to melt back into the ocean. And if we see it as a cloud the more closely we inspect. We see that like a cloud it is made of nothing.

But, we simply return to our true nature. The sky.

If we notice an emotion of love, compassion, empathy, we want to cultivate that.

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