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Session 4/10


Find your seat. You’re welcome to use blankets, additional cushions or other props to help hold your posture. Eventually we build the strength and flexibility to support the posture on our own. But let’s not invite that in as a challenge. In this practice we want to feel in the posture without becoming distracted by posture. So find a comfortable seat and once we’ve found a comfortable seat we check in with the spine. The spine is neutral, each desk one on top of the other like a stack of gold coins. Remember the neck and the head are an extension of the spine. So shift the torso and the back of the head towards the wall behind you just the slightest bit.

Relax your chin. Relax your jaw. Lip seal the tip of the tongue resting gently on the back of the front teeth.

Keep your gaze low and soft or close your eyes. If you’re feeling sleepy, slightly lift, you’re gay. If you’re feeling agitated, distracted, try closing your eyes. As we breathe in and out through the nose, we seek over time the most subtle, gentle breath. And although we continue to work with a gentle noticing of breath, our point of focus in this session is the body itself. How the breath shows up in the body and how the breath supports our posture. So we allow the mind to settle on body and breath not as to thing but as one thing. Body of breath. Feel under the gentle movement of a soft belly. The movement of the chest, both front side and back side. The release of the shoulders with each breath out. And a continued upward lift through the top of the head with each breath in the breath subtly moving the body. The body supports and moves the breath. breath and body as one thing. And although we are relatively still there is movement. Always movement, always change. give space to that movement as you feel into that movement. Chasing no one feeling but staying open to whatever physical sensation arises.

And the longer we stay, the more the body speaks to us. We just notice not seeking sensation but stay open. Allow as any particular physical sensation arises can we let it be Hold awareness on breath. As we give space to sensation, allow it to arise.

Equally allow it to dissipate again. Not struggling with God’s never meeting any sensation with resistance but opening to it.

Invite it in each sensation. Each moment of noticing will come into existence. And then again slip away. We allow it to slip away by remaining neutral labeling of sensation. Describing sensation. No anchoring of emotion to sensation. Just pure open awareness of sensation. But if we feel nothing rest with that rest in that space, sensation or know everything that arises or not. All of it is equal. We’re not searching. Simply noticing. allow the body to speak to you without reacting to what it says that over time does the body settles. We continue to use the inhale breath to create the slightest upward left.

Slow, attentive movement only as needed only as needed to stay with a neutral, balanced posture. Feel into the body and open awareness. Attention to body before you open your eyes. Soften the belly take one more long fall cycle of birth. Acknowledge the effort in setting yourself free from effort in spending this time open your eyes with a smile.

Invite it in each sensation. Each moment of noticing will come into existence.

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