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Session 5/10


Let’s take our seat either on a cushion or on a chair. The sits bones equally and grounded the belly soft, the spine tall and neutral. And let’s just sit here for a moment breathing into this posture.

Allow the body to settle a bit and arrive. Breathe gently, with a natural breath in and out through your nose. Now as we settle into this space, notice all the sounds around you. Without labeling any sound as good or bad. Simply notice any outdoor noise, noise in the room in general, the sound of my voice or any other background noise and soak it all in with a spacious open awareness. Awareness of sound. If we label the sound, if we give it a name, if we describe it, we solidify it. Our noticing becomes no longer spacious. So let’s just be here, a witness to sound not even a listener. Just a noticer give each sound of freedom. Soak in all the sounds around you with equanimity. No one sound is better. No one sound worse. Just sound still aware of the sounds around us. Let’s shift our attention a little closer in noticing the sound of your own breath. Your body and the job of the mind now is to stay. Stay gently anchored to the sound of our breath. Other sounds may come and go and we allow that. We are not shut off from any one sound but we focus we stay. We anchor the mind to the sound of bruh.

And if there is no sound to the breath, can we just be be with the silence. Can we give equal space an equal sense of awareness about the moments of noticing sound and the moments of noticing silence.

To be mindful of the present moment is to be completely neutral. To be fully at ease with what is an equally at ease with what isn’t. In the moments where there is no sound. We do not seek sound. We don’t go looking for sound we simply stay What do we notice sound again we equally stay open space spacious awareness of sound no word No label, no description. A pure awareness of sound. Let h sound be an each time we do this meditation on sound we may hear a deeper level of noticing.

Some days might feel quiet. Some days might feel loud. We work with it all. Just as it is staying with sound. Again and again as many times as we need to return returning the mind to the sound of the breath. Giving space to whatever sound arises. No fighting against the sound allowing the sound to be we stay the subtlest noticing of the sound of breath. And then before you open your eyes or before you move from your seat, open again the awareness of the sounds around you. The sounds in the room then this space invite in the sounds outside inviting in a greater attention to sound and quiet as you rise from this practice and move throughout your day smiling upon your efforts here with attention to sound withholding holding the mind in one single place. And looking on your practice as well with that same equanimity. Not good. Not bad. We work with what is we allow for it to simply be.

Some days might feel quiet. Some days might feel loud. We work with it all.

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