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Session 1/10


Welcome to mindful meditation. Before we begin, let’s free ourselves of any expectations. And remember that this is a practice.

Find a quiet place away from major distractions. A place where you feel safe, a place where you can close your eye. Therefore, to become better meditators, the first step is becoming better at committing to the practice, or meditation is a practice, we can practice allowing in the habit of distraction and interruption. Or, we can practice shutting that down for short periods of time and no matter what, stay in our seat for the duration of each session.

So let’s find our seat could be on a chair, on a cushion, or lying down. The most important thing is that the spine is neutral. And the body is not speaking to us, or screaming at us not shouting in any way that contributes to distraction. So get comfortable.

Begin by dropping any ideas of right or wrong, success or failure.

This is nothing more than a process of getting to know our mind. As we begin, we might notice that the mind is a very busy. We start where we are in this moment.

Eventually, things slow down a bit more. Eventually, things will slow down enough that we begin to notice gaps between our thoughts.

And in those gaps, we find openness, space, freedom, all the things that make up the true nature of our being.

We begin today with wherever we’re at.

We begin by giving the busy mind a job to do. In this course, the job of the mind is to pay attention.

To pay attention to breath or posture, sound or even the thoughts themselves.

We’re training the mind to stay to no longer chase after distractions. When we learn to no longer chase after this or that we experience a deep is. This begins on a gross level and as we become more skilled, we remain distraction free at even the most subtle layers of our minds all the time. No matter what is happening around us.

Check in with your posture again. Sit up tall.

If you’re on a chair, plant the soles of your feet to the earth. If you’re lying down, I suggest eyes open.

Bend the knees, take the soles of your feet to the ground. Seal your lips and breathe in and out through your nose. allow for a natural, steady, gentle breath.

The practice is to simply watch breath. The job of the mind in this session to notice breath. As we begin it can be helpful to follow a mantra simple repetition of words.

Now I’m breathing in Though in, breathing out and breathing in and breathing out, continue over time the words are fewer.

And now exhale and continue.

Over time we dropped the words all together, we just noticed breath. And if we notice that we’ve forgotten breath, we get to come back.

We come back to attention on breath. We’ll come back to the words if needed.

Then we’ll inhale. Exhale.

We notice we come back we return as many times as we need to. The practice here is in learning to come back.

The success is in the remembering the returning.

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe in. Breathe out, returning to the breath, returning to the mantra as often as needed. Notice the breath in. Notice the breath out.

Keep it simple.

And as our session comes to a close, we finish on a good three, clear, fully awake cycles of breath. And then open your eyes if they’re close. begin to move and stretch out your limbs. Do not waste a single moment of time on judging this session.

Like everything. Meditation grows with practice. Your experience will be different each time. But no matter what if we stay, we learn. So take that pride you feel for staying for learning for practicing. carry it with you into the day. Then Join us again tomorrow.

Begin by dropping any ideas of right or wrong, success or failure.

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