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Session 9/10


In this meditation we continue to explore working with thoughts and emotions. Let’s find a comfortable seat a natural posture, a neutral chin, eyes closed or the gaze low and soft and or subtle into our seat here with a moment of noticing into the body and breath. With an easy, gentle breath feel into the sensation of expanding the chest upward, lifting the belly, softening with each breath. Feeling do a sensation of release, relaxation letting go with each breath out.

Let’s spend one minute feeling deeply into this connection. The subtle movement, the interdependence of body and breath.

Each breath in expanding each breath out of softening the past we’ve worked with thoughts and emotions by gazing at them directly.

Going in looking for solidity and finding that there is none. At first our thoughts or even our emotions seem continuous, one constant thread always on.

Over time, we noticed that there is a gap space between thoughts and gap between feeling. Our goal today is to feel into this gap. This space.

The true nature of RB cannot think our way into this gap we can only notice it. The gap will spontaneously arise if we fully release ourselves from attachment to thought. We stay anchored in our present moment stillness by holding a spacious awareness of the movement of body and breath. The subtle, continual play of energy and each time thought pulls us away. We recognize that too, as simply a manifestation of this energetic play and we allow it to go. We return to the freedom between thoughts. We rest in the moments of clarity that arise without thought. gap, maybe 1,000,000th of one second gap maybe longer. We cannot try to extend the gap we only notice through the practice of continued stillness. Through continued present moment awareness we lay the groundwork for the experience of noticing the gap, stay open, stay clear, stay present. Stay spacious. Stay with breath. In the space between the thoughts reveals itself. It’s when we try to hold on that we lose it.

It’s lost when we describe it. So as much as possible, you simply Russ. shift back. Notice stay when the more we practice the more we get comfortable just resting in that space.

Not try. Just be we turn from thoughts back to breath. Simple turning around a letting go. We rest with a in any space of non thought. Trying. Just being we rest with that sense of freedom of spaciousness. For three more breaths. As we open our eyes, we allow ourselves to continue to simply be to notice the spaces the pauses. Things don’t move quite as quickly as they seem. That’s why move on into the rest of our day.

We return to the freedom between thoughts. We rest in the moments of clarity that arise without thought.

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