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Session 2/10


Welcome. Every meditation we do begins with taking a seat. We can sit in a chair with the soles of our feet planted on the ground or we can sit on a cushion. If you’re seated on a cushion, find a position of comfort either on your knees with your hips to your heels or cross legged, there’s no need to sit in a full lotus pose. Find a position of comfort. Anything that’s speaking to you now will only speak louder The longer we sit. So find a position that allows the body to be quiet.

Notice which parts of your body are connected to the cushion through the cushion to the floor below and through the floor to the earth below that ground. Notice into that connection, that connection to earth and then further ground down gently pressing those parts of the body downward to feel into the opposing action of an upward lift. So it’s through grounding that we are able to feel like draw attention to your spine. Imagine each disc of your back naturally stacked one on top of the other. You likely need to soften your belly and allow for a shifting back. shift back as though you’re pressing your upper back a little closer to the wall behind you. And then shift your head back as well so the back of your head aligns with the back of your torso. The gentle grounding continued pressure downwards through the sits bones helps support the length of your spine all the way up through the crown of your head to assist with a slight lift of your breastplate. Allow your soldiers to lift up and then settle back. In fact, let’s take a deep breath and bring the shoulders up towards the ear. And then with the breath out, settle the heads of the shoulders down and back. Allow your shoulder blades to support a slight upward lift of heart space. If you notice that your chin is jetting forward a lower down. Lengthen again through the back of your neck. Not too much. Always seek a neutral spine. Relax your jaw but the tip of your tongue rests on the back side of your front teeth.

Your lips might close or naturally part. breeze gently easy in and out through your nose. Close your eyes or keep them open but relaxed. Soft gaze tracing the slope of your nose do a space on the floor in front of you.

Choose what feels most natural right now. With our posture aligned we just stay simply let yourself be without tightening into too much control. Choose the most gentle, natural bra. As our meditation progresses, you’ll notice this breath get longer quieter. Easier All we do is stay. Stay here for a moment. Noticing breath, the body will begin to speak to you in small way. When it does, let’s see if we can allow for breath to support a sense of ease and our continued posture. each breath in can contribute to the slightest lengthening of the spine. When upward lift through heart space, each breath out the process of relaxing release through the jaw, the shoulders, the belly, the thigh, without seeking without looking for a sensation, without looking for the movement feel into what is. Notice. Notice the subtle dance between posture and breath. We are sitting still, but we are not still. The body rize the breath like a buoy on the ocean. A subtle float up and down. We’re feeling of subtle, expansion, contraction. Give each sensation as much space and freedom as possible. No describing no labeling. Allow whatever it is that you notice to come and go on its own.

Allow yourself to just be, we do nothing more than sit and breathe. And notice breath supports posture. Posture supports the breath. Continue this process of feeling into breath and body not as two things but one thing.

Not breath and body. Body of breath. Notice the breath moving the body. Stay on breath. This awareness. Three more cycle. three breaths in three breaths out. And then slowly open your eyes if they’re closed. returned to awareness of the space around you. Feel deeply into the joy of having completed this meditation of taking this time to slow down and notice. Carry that good feeling with you as you move into your day, with ease.

Allow yourself to just be, we do nothing more than sit and breathe.

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