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Session 6/9


This is a heartfulness meditation on gratitude. The aim of this meditation is to develop a more appreciative and grateful attitude toward all that’s good in our lives. We’ll begin this meditation by finding our seat. So finding a sitting position where you can sit upright, and it can be comfortable and relaxed for the next 10 minutes. Your hands can be resting on your thighs, or in your lap. Feeling a sense of balance, especially at the point where you’re sitting bones touch the earth or the floor, the cushion or chair.

Balance from left to right sides, from the front, to back, and also balanced vertically, upward to downward. Feeling a sense of alignment with the force of gravity being held by the core of your body. Noticing this aliveness and ability and sitting upward. The same time feeling the relaxation and ease of sinking toward the earth. Finding a posture where we’re both relaxed and alert. And then letting your attention settle downward into the body, sinking down from the head to the upper body, down into the waist, to the legs, all the way down to the feet. Feeling your attention settle into the body and through the body. Relaxing around any areas of tension. A key to developing gratitude is simply to remember what’s good. We’re deeply programmed to overlook and forget these things. It’s probably because we’re constantly striving to make things better, or working to avoid what’s difficult and painful. While that’s understandable, when we become so committed to changing things, we can forget how fortunate we already are.

So let’s practice remembering what’s good. One way to do this is to reflect on some of the opportunities we have that perhaps many others lock. Just by the fact that you’re able to do this meditation means you’re among the small minority of human beings that have access to virtual reality. How fortunate we are to have access to new immersive mediums of entertainment and exploration. How amazing. What other modern conveniences Do you have access to that you’re grateful for? What are the things you get to use and take advantage of that are part of the infrastructure that you live in? That’s taking a moment to notice what those things are and to feel some appreciation for having them. Now consider your close relationships, your family, friends, even your pet companions if you have them. Who in your life do you have strong and healthy relationships with? Who comes to mind as your inner circle or closest relationships? Who do you feel like you can count on in times of difficulty? Who can count on you in times of difficulty?

Bring these people to mind, your closest connections. And just sense into the natural gratitude that you have for them. The natural and easy sense of appreciation that’s already there. These people who have been there for you, who you can count on, who listened to you in times of difficulty, who are simply present with you, because they care. They maybe offer something to support you. But really, we’re connected with them so deeply, because of the simple presence, that we offer each other. Feeling into the gratitude for the people who are really present with us, and even for the pets that are present with us, that are there for us, at the end of a hard day, not wanting anything in return, just loving. How easy it is to feel thankful for these people, these animals.

And consider what gratitude they likely have for you. See if you can put yourself in their perspectives and their shoes for a moment. What kind of appreciation do they feel when they consider you, and how you’ve been there for them. Feel the gratitude that’s radiating toward you. And see if you can feel appreciative for that. Now we’re going to open it up to feel appreciation for whatever’s easiest in our lives. Perhaps it’s the time you spend in nature, walking on the beach or spending time outside under the trees. Perhaps there’s gratitude for a capacity that you have a skill or some measure of good health and vitality that you’re able to enjoy. Perhaps you’re grateful for certain people who are taking a stand for the things you value most and who are leading by example. Whatever is most natural for you to feel appreciation for, bring it to mind and sense into the boundless heart of gratitude. That remembers the good.

What are you grateful for? feel what it’s like to be appreciative. What is it like in your body? What does it feel like? How does it change your mood? What are you grateful for? spending a few more moments, calling to mind the things that you most appreciate. Letting your heart linger with that sense of gratitude. And then wrapping up with a big thank you. Thanking those people, those situations those opportunities that are good in our lives. Sometimes we overlook them, but they’re always there. They’re what allow us to flourish and grow as human beings. This is a meditation, written and recorded by meditate IO and Vincent Horn. If you found this valuable you can find more resources for training in the digital age at

A key to developing gratitude is simply to remember what's good. We're deeply programmed to overlook and forget these things.

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