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Session 4/9


This is a heartfulness meditation on courage. The aim of this meditation is to strengthen our ability to face whatever arises and our experience and move towards the unknown with courage and openness of heart.

We will do this by using the image of a mountain. Let’s begin by settling into our bodies. Noticing your sitting bones, your hands, your feet and the space your body takes up and noticing your breathing. As your breath moves in and out. There are moments in life when our experience can seem overwhelming.

Her thought stream was stories of isolation. not being good enough, I can’t do this. No one understands.

I can’t handle this. Our feelings are painful. And we want to get out of them or deny them.

Fear resistance, sadness, anger. Just by acknowledging and naming these it begins to loosen. Our body holds and mirrors the contraction. You’ll be able to notice this in your posture. Again, noticing your breathing and seeing if you can incline towards expansion towards allowing these difficult feelings and stories to ease, to pass away. There is a part of us that is like a mountain. incline your mind towards visualizing this. Seeing a mountain steady, poised able to weather storms without falling completely apart. See if you can notice your breathing while imagining sitting like a mountain undisturbed strong. By learning to face our experience wholeheartedly, we can realize that we are held by a vast spaciousness of heart that is strong like a mountain. We may think we aren’t. But these are just thoughts. Notice when these arise bow to them. Acknowledge them, see if you can rest in the freedom of knowing your experience.

Noticing your body and breathing, sitting tall and poised like a mountain. Since the strength of your posture, the strength of your spirit, the strength of your heart. Her breathing moves in and out. No matter what is happening, your breath comes and goes. It flows nourishing you and your dreams. Embodying experience fully can be like jumping into a cold pool. Sometimes we put our toes in first. Sometimes we just jump headfirst into the pool without even thinking.

What is it that you need to see and respond to? See what calls to you. If it is helpful, remember the image of the mountain the sense of sitting like a mountain breathing allowing your posture to ground you and giving space for the wisdom of the body to arise.

With the strength of a mountain the steadiness and poise we can begin step by step to move through life with courage and openness of heart.

This is a meditation written and recorded by meditate IO. I am Emily Horne. If you found this valuable, you can find more resources for training in the digital age at

With the strength of a mountain the steadiness and poise we can begin step by step to move through life with courage and openness of heart.

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