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Session 8/9


This is a heartfulness meditation on love. The aim of this meditation is to open and explore sensing love in the body, heart and mind. We will do this by using the imagination and by gradually including aspects of ourselves, ranging from our own body or personal stories into more universal images and into vast spaciousness. First, let’s begin by sensing our natural environment where you’re sitting now, whether or not is perfect or ideal, it is where you are.

Now, settling into your sitting posture. Feeling your sitting bones allowing them to drop towards the earth. Allowing your spine to stretch and straighten towards the sky.

Taking a few deep breaths all the way into the lower belly. Fully inhaling and exhaling.

See if you can allow your face to soften and invite the body to relax. May the body relax, noticing your breathing as you breathe in and out.

As we deepen into love, we can’t force it or try to really make it happen. But we can gently incline our minds and hearts to access what we already have. So now, see if you can imagine love radiating from the front of your body. Perhaps it has a color, a texture.

Seeing if you can visualize this love, pouring out of the front of your body. From your head all the way down to your feet.

Now see if you can visualize love pouring out of the back of your body all the way from your head to your feet. Perhaps there’s still a color maybe it’s changed, moved. What’s the texture like? And perhaps your mind is creating all kinds of stories.

Thoughts about what love should be like, could be like, needs to be like. Why you can’t have it, why someone else can’t have it.

See if you can just allow that to dissolve within the radiating field of love pouring from the front and the back of your body.

Now allow this love to seep out the right side of your body, and now the left side of your body, growing big and vast, including the world, the environment, perhaps even non-personal images, all being held and dissolving, within love.

And now we’re going to grow even bigger, imagining love radiating from above our head all the way to the sky, stretching beyond into the cosmos. There’s part of us that’s stardust, see if you can sense into this, and I love holds it all.

And now grounding this love holding both the personal and the vast spaciousness into the earth, feel the love radiating from below you as well.

This boundless nature of love and reality. Taking many forms, radiating from all parts of our body. Sitting in the meeting point of resilience, kindness, joy, and compassion. Love can support us in walking the tightrope of consciousness with fearlessness.

This is a meditation written and recorded by meditate IO. I’m Emily Horne. If you found this valuable, you can find more resources for training in the digital age at

As we deepen into love, we can't force it or try to really make it happen. But we can gently incline our minds and hearts to access what we already have.

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