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Session 2/9


This is a heartfulness meditation on awe. The aim of this meditation is to incline the mind toward noticing and experiencing moments of awe. Thus being able to deepen into this wondrous life.

Let’s begin by noticing our posture. Allowing your sitting bones to fall towards the Earth. Your spine to straighten towards the sky, noticing your hands and your feet and the space your body takes up. Noticing your breathing. So breath moves in and out. Sensing the breath and this body, eyes, the state of mind and our perspective.

Our perception shifts into expansion. There’s no map and we are in the unknown. See if you can take in the magnitude of sitting here. Especially in this environment of virtual reality. AR can lead to wonder and amazement, and perhaps gratitude.

Notice your breathing is there a way that you can incline towards just by noticing the process of breathing happening all on its own. When we were able to open to our, it can lighten and brighten our ordinary experience of being alive. Most of us take this for granted.

As we deepen into the mystery of breathing. See if you can call to mind moments that you’ve experienced or perhaps looking at trees. The sky, animals, oceans, human beings, stars, galaxies. How does calling to mine, these moments of awe impact your ordinary experience of sitting here? Simply breathing. Ordinary doesn’t mean that we can’t be enlivened by the magic.

The atoms in your body are billions of years old. Science has shown that we contain stardust. And yet we sit here breathing in our bodies. With all we can begin to experience our routines with presence and fullness. Each breath is new. Research is beginning to show and epigenetics that our DNA actually changes that traumas are passed down. And yet we have influence this amazing and wondrous body, heart and mind and both the physical and virtual spheres of our human experience. This in itself is awe inspiring can be open and spacious, curious and vast. This is a meditation written and recorded by meditate IO. I am Emily Horn. If you found this valuable, you can find more resources for training in the digital age at

Ordinary doesn't mean that we can't be enlivened by the magic.

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