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Session 6/10


Welcome. Find your comfortable seat. The seat that allows the body to be still and quiet. Spine neutral feet or sits bones grounded. And we’ll settle in by beginning with a meditation on breath. So take your breathing in and out through the nose. And over time arrive at I long the patient, natural breath the most gentle breath possible. With the greatest ease possible settle the mind on awareness of breath. An easy noticing of the breath in the breath out.

As we sit here the mind loosely anchored to the breath. It is inevitable that thoughts will arrive. the thinking mind will try and pull you away.

There will be distraction.

The moment you notice you’ve become distracted and just let it go.

We don’t question why. We don’t linger on what we don’t label as bad. We let it go we return to the breath. When it’s important, we don’t overreact to the thoughts by tightening around the breath.

But that we allow for the anchor to breath to be loose. We allow for thoughts to come and go. We invite in a general sense of freedom and space will stay with the breath. Anytime a thought arises, there’s no fighting against.

There’s no resisting.

There’s no attempt to suppress or block out. We simply easily turn the mind around and come back to the breath. Come back to noticing breath. Regardless of how long we’ve been away from the breath, we seize that moment of recognition as an opportunity to practice to practice the return. When we practice returning again, and again, and again to the breath. First, we notice our breath as continuously moving. The continual evenflow.

Inhale, Exhale.

And so too does our mind have an energy that remains continuously at play, this play of the mind leads to the formation of thoughts. thoughts arise, they dance around, they dissipate.

We avoid solidifying this energy of thought by avoiding the labeling. Avoid a struggling against. Avoid asking why. give as much distance as possible between thoughts and breath. By remembering your job right now is awareness of breath. Eventually, the breath gets longer, quieter, and the mind slows down and gets quiet too. We begin to recognize thoughts not as solid, true, real thing. But as a movement of energy. We begin to rest longer in the space between the thoughts.

Watching the breath.

The space between thoughts is where our true nature lives.

Open, free neutral.

The goal is not to arrive in a world with no thoughts. The goal is not to shut down. But to rest in a spaciousness, where the thoughts exist, but at a distance.

We think that we are not our thoughts. We see all thoughts from the perspective of space. And we finish on the breath. Full Body breath awareness for three cycle three in three out and we rejoice on the practice. We open the eyes moving slowly and do our day and carrying this sense of distance. spaciousness with us. Continually aware of thoughts as simply a movement of the mind.

The goal is not to arrive in a world with no thoughts. The goal is not to shut down. But to rest in a spaciousness, where the thoughts exist, but at a distance.

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