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Session 10/10


Welcome, by now we have a favorite comfortable seat. So let’s go there and settle in.

Close the eyes, find the breath and rest for a moment in stillness. If it helps. Take a nice full breath in through the nose. A big exhale sigh out, release released down into your seat.

This series on mindfulness, we’ve learned how to use the support of a single point of focus. To guide our attention to the here and now.

We have worked with breath, the body sound, and even thoughts and emotion. Each of these angers helps hold our attention to our present moment experience.

And each time we sit we choose we choose to work with just one, breath, or sound or body or something else.

The practice is in learning to stay to be still with just that one.

So we choose.

Choosing one single point of focus on which to rest your mind.

Come towards stillness.

Your chosen point of focus is your support. It helps hold your attention.

It gives you a point of return to come back to you when the mind goes astray.

My voice, these guided meditations they serve as an additional layer of support. But ultimately, meditation is in your mind, and your mind only.

Ultimately, we work to arrive in an open space that is free from the anger of breath or body or any guide.

So let’s continue to set with your point of focus, support.

Whatever arises that is not the point of focus, we let it go. We return, we come back, come back to your chosen single point of focus.

The goal is not perfect, non-distraction. The goal is to notice the distraction, to turn back to the support.

When each time we come back we create the habit of returning to stillness. When the mind frees itself completely from distraction, the mind is completely free.

Ultimately, we free ourselves from even my voice.

And when we’re able to rest in complete stillness, quiet clarity. It is then that we are fully awake to our enlightened selves. To the true nature of our being.

We continue to practice and we continue to come back, come back to chosen point of focus. Come back to simply resting in awareness between the distractions.

Back to resting in our pure nature mind.

We ended on a good with a focused, final three breaths.

Then open the eyes, feel into the space of the mind. Move awareness to the space around you.

Then, commit to carrying this practice with you into the day for as long as you can.

And then perhaps commit to taking a seat tomorrow as well.

And the day after that, or the one after that. Continue.

The goal is not perfect, non-distraction. The goal is to notice the distraction, to turn back to the support.

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