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Session 10/10


Day 10: How Increasing Your Focus Will Positively Affect Your Life

Welcome to day ten of your 10-day focus meditation journey.

Today we’re going to talk about how increasing your focus will positively affect your life.

Before we start today’s meditation just take a moment to really be aware of what you’ve offered yourself by giving yourself this time for the last ten days.

You’ve undoubtedly come a long way from where you started just over a week ago and have really given yourself a gift that is going to enhance your life in more ways than you could possibly begin to imagine.

Making meditation a regular part of your regular routine is not only going to increase your focus, it’s going to increase your overall quality of life.

Over the last ten days, all the different techniques we’ve talked about will undoubtedly help increase focus and concentration.

We first learned why meditation works to increase focus, and you probably noticed just after a few sessions of focusing on the breath that it was already starting to help in your own mind.

We also learned how important it is to relax and how when the mind and body are relaxed it becomes so much easier to concentrate.

We talked about mindfulness and how becoming more mindful is truly one of the best ways to increase your focus and your ability to hold your concentration for longer periods of time.

We found out that just by bringing a mindful approach to daily living we can increase focus without even having to sit down for a formal meditation.

We learned how to bring focused attention to our breathing and how this can help.

Bring focused attention to anything for a deliberately extended period of time is going to exponentially increase focus in other areas of our lives.

We also discovered why it’s so hard to hold our concentration and learned the benefits of living with a concentrated mind.

Perhaps most importantly, we learned about the power of the present moment.

There’s nothing more powerful than the moment we’re living in right now, because it’s essentially the only moment we have.

The past is but a memory, and the future doesn’t yet exist.

Meditation helps bring us more in tune with the present moment.

When we learn to be in the present moment, we essentially increase our focus without even realizing we’re doing so.

Living with more focus will dramatically improve your life.

And meditation is an excellent way to increase your focus.

Making meditation a part of your day for just 5-10 minutes will change your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

For today’s meditation go ahead and find a comfortable spot, either sitting or lying down.

Whatever feels the most comfortable to you in this moment.

You might want to close your eyes or go ahead and leave them open.

Just begin to invite a deeper breath and do whatever feels comfortable to you in this moment.

Keep your focus on the breath.

Inhaling slowly.

And exhaling gently.

Today we’re just going to work a little more on achieving the meditative state.

Take a moment to just focus on what’s happening right now in this time and space here in the present moment.

Notice any sounds you might hear in the room around you.

Just the gentle buzz of life happening where you’re at in the present moment.

In order to do this, just continue to breathe.

Slowly in.

And gently out.

Do your best to keep focused on the breath and the sounds of the room around you.

No judgment, just a simple observation as you continue to breathe.

Remember that it’s totally normal for the mind to wander.

As you get deeper and deeper into your meditation practice, you’ll begin to notice your ability to hold your attention on the breath for longer periods of time.

All you need to do is breathe.

You might find that it helps to count each breath as you go to keep your mind from wandering.

If that helps you can try it now.

Just focus on each breath as you slowly count to four on each inhale.

And four on each exhale.

If you find the mind has begun to wander, just bring yourself back to the present moment.

Each breath that you take.

Slowly breathing in.

And slowly breathing out.

Don’t judge where the mind goes.

Every time you notice it slip into other thoughts, just realize the present moment is all you have.

No past.

No future.

All you need to do is focus on the breath.

Slowly with each inhale.

And gently with each exhale.

When you’re ready you can go ahead and invite a deeper breath.

Just start to bring yourself back to this moment in space and time.

Begin to feel the presence of the room around you.

Notice any subtle differences you might be feeling as you slowly begin to come out of your meditation.

You might want to wiggle your fingers and toes or maybe stretch the arms up overhead.

Just begin to come back to this space and time.

Start to notice how your body and mind feel after taking the time to meditate today.

As you take a moment to feel the sensations in your body and mind, just really take the time to appreciate what you’ve done for yourself. Not just with today’s meditation but with the journey you’ve taken over the last ten days.

You’re well on your way to increased focus and the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Thank you so much for joining me for the last ten days as we took the time to delve deeper into the mind to learn meditation.

I hope you find a lifetime of wellbeing and continued clarity, calm, focus as you continue on your own journey in meditation.

There’s nothing more powerful than the moment we’re living in right now, because it’s essentially the only moment we have.

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