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Session 6/10


Day 6: Increasing Awareness

Welcome to Day 6 of your 10-day focus meditation journey.

Today we’re going to be talking about increasing our awareness

And you know, awareness of yourself and the world around you is really one of the fundamentals of not only improving your focus and concentration levels but improving your quality of life.

It’s simple.

The better you know yourself, the better your life is going to be.

When we understand our own behavior and are aware of what we’re doing, the easier it is to improve on the thing that are getting in the way of our focus and in the way of our concentration.

So if you’re having trouble focusing or want to improve your ability to focus, increasing your self-awareness and your awareness of the world around you is vital.

You can try to master all the advice on productivity and concentration that’s out there, but if you’re not aware of YOU, it makes it pretty impossible to change YOUR habits.

One of the best ways to increase your awareness is through meditation.

When you meditate, you’re really refining your moment to moment awareness.

And when you meditate regularly, this awareness begins to increase and expand until you’re becoming more aware without even realizing it.

We talked a bit about mindfulness in Day 3, which is something else that can really help to increase your self-awareness. Taking the time to bring a state of mindfulness to the little things you do throughout each day is an excellent way to cultivate more awareness while increasing your focus.

Becoming more aware of what we’re doing in the present moment, as well as how we react to different things throughout each day, can help us understand what we do that might get in the way of our focus and take the necessary steps to change it.

Today we’re just going to come into a state of self-awareness and just sit with it.

So as you begin to prepare for today’s meditation, just try to become aware of everything you’re doing right now. Be aware of your thoughts as you begin to find yourself a comfortable seat. Maybe extend this awareness to how you physically feel as you either sit down or lie in a comfortable position.

And whatever position is most comfortable to you in this moment is perfect.

As you settle in to find the most comfortable spot for you, just begin to become more aware of your breath.

You can go ahead and close your eyes if you haven’t already done so.

Or you might just want to leave them open. Whatever feels best to you. Right here. Right now.

We’re going to start today’s meditation by just becoming aware of each breath.

Each inhale

And each exhale

Breathing deeply

In and out

Just begin to notice a sense of presence

Of just being here

In the present moment

No effort

No expectations

No judgements of the way you feel

Just a soft presence in the present moment.

Aware of the breath

Moving in and out of your body

There’s nowhere else to be

Nothing else to do

All there is, is this moment

Right here

Right now

There is only stillness

There’s only awareness of this moment

This breath

Moving slowly in

And slowly out

All you need to do is simply continue to breathe.

If you’re mind has wandered from your awareness of the breath, just slowly bring your attention back to the present moment.

Breathing easily, no distractions.

Just a simple inhale

And a gently exhale

All you need to do is breathe and be aware that you are right here, right now, in this moment.

There is nowhere else you need to be.

Nothing else you need to do.

Just be aware of the here and now and your presence in it.

You’re not going anywhere

The only place you need to be is right here, right now.

In the present moment

Aware of each breath moving in

And out of the body

No matter where your mind may be right now, just bring yourself back gently to the present moment.

If you lost the awareness and focus of your breath, don’t judge yourself.

Just simply be aware that your mind wandered.

And that each time you notice it do so all you have to do is bring your awareness back to the breath.

Go ahead now and invite a deeper breath.

Maybe wiggle your fingers and toes

And just begin to feel yourself come back to the present moment in this time and space.

If your eyes have been closed, you may choose to gently open them now.

Take a moment to notice any differences you might feel now compared to when we first started the meditation.

Be sure that before you get up and continue on with your day that you take a moment to raelly appreciate the time you’ve given yourself today. You’re doing what it takes to increase your focus and are becoming more aware in the process.

You may return to this meditation any time you wish. It’s always here and it’s always available to you.

For now we’ll see you back again tomorrow for more ways to increase your focus through the power of meditation.

When we understand our own behavior and are aware of what we’re doing, the easier it is to improve on the thing that are getting in the way of our focus and in the way of our concentration.

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